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Marvel Studios released a new ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ trailer, and much to everyone’s delight, it doesn’t hold back in terms of showing that this film will have the goods when it releases later this year. Wolverine is front and center of this one, in his full yellow-spandexed glory. Audiences also get a glimpse of Cassandra Nova, a high-profile villain in the comics, though her evil plan remains obscured. The bulk of the trailer is multiversal-messing about, but that’s what Deadpool is best at.

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The opening is a place that might as well be Wolverine’s home, a bar. He’s not overly welcome there. Deadpool tries to get him to leave as well as the bartender, but is only met with Wolverine’s claws. Well, part of them. Alcohol inhibits Wolverine’s ability to perform, in a hilarious moment only Deadpool could make work. The next shot is Wolverine and Deadpool about to wreck each other, with Wolverine looking beautiful in his comic costume.

Audiences get glimpses of this fight throughout the trailer, but it will surely be epic. There is also some background for this specific Wolverine, it seems he’s a variant that failed to save his world and failed to be a hero, which is an interesting world to look at. This is likely how they will make it canon in regard to ‘Logan.’ Either way, it will be something to watch. It’s likely it will be revealed in the third act, something Deadpool calls out.

There is some loose plot establishment with Deadpool fearing that he will lose his family and friends, but it’s not sure from what threat yet. The plot is being kept very under wraps, but what’s been revealed so far looks great.

The money shot of this trailer is surely Deadpool and Wolverine walking out together in a small town, ready to do battle side by side. A small hilarious detail is the store Liefeld’s feet, a cheeky reference to the fact that Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld can’t draw feet. Oh, and Wolverine extending his claws and roaring.

Deadpool continues to fight the TVA in this trailer, so at some point, they become his enemy, or, more likely, Deadpool loses his patience with the bureaucratic organisation and vows to rip them to pieces. Alioth will also make his big-screen debut too, hinting that the heroes will be forced to visit the Void, likely when raiding Cassandra Nova’s hideout.

This marks a good time to speak about Nova. The last few seconds of the trailer make it clear she’ll be present in the film and she’ll be a difficult foe. When Wolverine attempts to slice her up, she uses her telekinetic powers to make him stab the ground instead.

She, along with several other mutants who are making a welcome appearance, all live in the skull of a dead Scott Lang in giant form. That’s quite shocking, hopefully, the Scott Lang audiences know is OK.

The trailer closes out with Wolverine and Deadpool jumping into a portal made by someone, the identity of the caster is unknown. Maybe it’s Ned from the Marvel Studios ‘Spider-Man series.

A final comedic bit pokes fun at Deadpool’s unbearably tight restrictions under Disney, like for example not being able to do cocaine or hide the fact under the several names it goes by. It’s a funny bit that while likely to reoccur throughout the film, with Deadpool messing about the Mouse himself. The Fox acquisition will likely provide a treasure trove of comedy gold for Deadpool to exploit. ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ comes out on July 26, so fans don’t have to wait long to find out.

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