About Us

SciFiction.com has a rich history as a Hugo and Nebula award-winning SciFi literary project formerly owned by the SciFi Channel, and is now set to become the premiere destination for all things SciFi and beyond! SciFiction.com showcases geek-chic news, reviews, interviews, events, and articles, and publishes the works of relevant artists and authors. SciFiction.com has over 200 thousand followers and is presently negotiating contracts with numerous top science fiction partners to showcase and promote film and television projects, along with exclusive actor interviews, articles, and behind the scenes journalism.

SciFiction.com is an official channel of McGill Media, and is run by Owen Cotter, who has appeared in media such as ESPN, VH1, SiriusXM, Real Scene TV, William Shatner’s MyOuterSpace TV. SciFiction and Owen Cotter have been an official media partner for conventions such as San Diego Comic Con, Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con, Wizard World, Dragon Con, ReedPOP’s Star Wars Celebration, and many more!

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