Video Games

Lifeless Moon Is An Ambitious Sci-fi Adventure That’s Both Dreamlike and Relatable

Lifeless Moon is a narrative driven exploration game with light challenge through platforming. There are puzzles but deciphering obscure instructions

Return to Moria Is A Loveletter To Tolkien But A Mixed Survival Bag

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria is a survival game that provides an immersive experience. It throws in

Arcade Paradise Is A Management Sim That Banks On Nostalgia

Arcade Paradise follows a young teen trying to prove they can handle responsibility. Her father “gifts” her with a run

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter remake from Aspyr set for August Release

‘Star Wars: Bounty Hunter’, the third person action game starring Jango Fett, will get a remake from Aspyr this August.

Repunk A Narrative Survival Game Set On The Red Planet

Repunk is a walking simulator where players can go straight to their destination or explore to find items and audio

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond Finally Gets An Exciting New Trailer

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond was announced at E3 in 2017 and a trailer has just been released. It’s not the

Indiana Jones: Decades of Gaming Adventure

The news about Indiana Jones and The Great Circle was broken globally in February 2021but had died since then. Now,

Star Wars: Hunters Review

Star Wars: Hunters is a new arena based combat game available on Android iOS and Nintendo Switch. It combines standard

The Journey of AutUmn Is A Story Of Survival On A Colorful Planet

The Journey of AutUmn is a point-and-click adventure game with charming hand drawn graphics. The player controls an android who

Timemelters Blends Parallel Universes With Fantasy In A Challenging Real Time Strategy Game

Timemelters drops players in sixteenth century Scotland to battle scores of demons overrunning the land. It has a co-op mode,

Star Wars: Outlaws Gameplay Trailer Reaction

At the latest Ubisoft Forward, a full ten minutes of gameplay for ‘Star Wars: Outlaws’ was revealed, specifically focusing on

June Xbox Games Showcase 2024

The June Showcase revealed thirty games that players can look forward to on Console and Gamepass. Including expansions for World

Summer Game Fest 2024 Announcements and Reveals

A head spinning amount of games were crammed into the two hour Summer Game Fest. Everything from alien mice breaking

Cyber Manhunt Is A Fun Adventure Game In A Grim Setting

Cyber Manhunt put you in the role of an “investigator” for a shady intelligence computer, Titan. Gameplay involves gathering clues

Spirit of the North Lets Players Take On The Role Of A Fox Hero

Spirit of the North is a platforming adventure where players take on the role of a fox. The game starts

Star Trek: Resurgence Has A Great Story But Stumbles On Gameplay

Star Trek: Resurgence is choiced based narrative game from Tell-tale alumni. The story follows First Officer Jara Rydek and Petty

Galacticare Is A Cozy Management Sim With Just Enough Chaos Mixed In

Galacticare is a relaxing management sim that’s chaotic enough to stay exciting. It has a simple process that’s easy to

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II Is A Story of Justice And Compassion

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II is a beautiful experience that gives a greater gravity to mental health issues, and recovery, that

Resonance Sci-Fi Thriller That Is Both Charming And Frustrating In Turns

Resonance is a point and click sci-fi thriller. Despite the game’s global plot, the story remains tightly focused on four

Another Crab’s Treasure Is An Indie Treasure That Teaches Not To Judge A Book By Its Cover

Another Crab’s Treasure is a comedic souls-like, platformer hybrid. Take control of Krill as he goes on a quest to

After Us Is A Story About Finding Hope After “The End”

After Us is a surreal experience through a destroyed city. The familiar mixed with a completely alien environment as Gaia

No Place Like Home Is A Cozy Farming Sim With Rough Edges

In No Place Like Home, Ellen returns to Earth to find her grandfather. Most of humanity has fled the unending