Saturday, March 2, 2024

Video Games

Lightracer Spark Lets Players Shape Worlds To Face A Grave Threat

Lightracer Spark is a blend of base builder and visual novel. The narrative is unique but has a minimal look.

Pacific Drive Is Atmospheric Trek Through A Sci-Fi Version Of Washington State

Pacific Drive is a spooky blend of a scenic drive and mounting hostile anomalies. Players will travel through a mysterious

Original Star Wars Battlefront Games to be re-released in new bundle with extra features

Both original ‘Star Wars’ Battlefront games, ‘Star Wars Battlefront I’ and ‘Star Wars Battlefront II,’ will be re-released on modern

Nintendo’s Direct Shows An Already Packed 2024

Despite having a Direct that was less than thirty minutes, Nintendo still announced a flurry of games. A handful were

Sovereign Syndicate Brings Players Into A World Of Intrigue In A Steampunk London

Sovereign Syndicate is a steampunk fantasy world where three characters are drawn together by mysterious events around London. Atticus the

Tales of Kenzera – ZAU Is A Love Letter To Those Who Have Passed

Tales of Kenzera: ZAU shows the journey of a shaman trying to win back his father’s soul. In this metroidvania-style

Zarathustra: Cybergeddon Is A Murder Mystery With Aliens And A Cult

Zarathustra: Cybergeddon is a strange cyberpunk game with heavy Lovecraftian influence. It tells the story of humans that were changed

Remember Reach – Halo: The Fall of Reach and Halo: Reach retrospective

Halo is a universe many love, with games and books depicting humanity’s war for survival across the stars. It’s brought

Submerged: Hidden Depths Is A Hopeful Dystopian Story

Submerged: Hidden Depths shows a ruined city underwater with a black growth covering everything above the waves. Players will take

The Elder Scrolls Online Eye of Fate Necrom Prologue Quest

Your quest begins by meeting Leramil the Wise, an elven scholar. She offers you a deal from Hermaeus Mora, the

A Summary of Sony’s State of Play

Sony’s “State of Play” stream was jam packed with games. There were some highly anticipated games announced, as well as

Dry Drowning Asks Players What Does Doing The Right Thing Cost?

Dry Drowning is a cyberpunk visual novel that follows a series of gruesome murders. Players take on the role of

Torment: Tides of Numenera Is A Mixed Bag

Torment: Tides of Numenera is a CRPG sci-fi adventure set on earth in the far future. Players take on the

The Lamplighters League Is Modern Day Pulp Fun

The Lamplighters League is an alternate 20’s, top-down strategy game. A rag-tag group of agents must stop The Banished Court’s

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle gameplay reveal and reaction

During the Xbox Developer Direct on January 19, fans got their first look at the new ‘Indiana Jones’ video game,

The Gunk Lets Players Clean Up Space

The Gunk is sci-fi adventure Rani and Becks, two down on their luck space haulers. A large portion of this

Xbox Developer Direct Reveals

Xbox revealed more details about its 2024 lineup. Four games were officially announced, but there was a surprise waiting. An

Mind Scanners Creates A Future Where Order Is Protected At The Cost Of Humanity

Mind Scanners is a dystopian game where the player is tasked with guarding normalcy. Patients must be corrected, but doing

Immortals of Aveum Is A Magical Blend of Genres To Create Fun Gameplay

Immortals of Aveum is an interesting magic fps game. It has a vibrant world but doesn’t give players an incentive

Ubisoft denies Star Wars Outlaws leaked release window

‘Star Wars Outlaws’ vague release window of 2024 was accidentally narrowed down, as a blog post on the Disney Parks

The Expanse Archangel Gives A Fan Favorite The (Brief) Spotlight

Archangel is the newest chapter in Telltale’s Expanse series. It’s a bite-sized entry and can likely be completed in less

Atlas Fallen Has An Intriguing Story Buried Beneath The Slog

Atlas Fallen is an action adventure game set on a desert world. It seeks to challenge people not only through