Monday, September 25, 2023



DC San Diego Comic-Con big reveal round up

While James Gunn might have decided to skip attending San Diego Comic-Con this year, it doesn’t mean that DC hasn’t


The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman reveals new sci-fi comic universe

The creator of the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead is back with an all-new sci-fi comic series.  Kirkman’s co-created company,

IDW to launch new a comic series on a younger Picard

Season three of Star Trek: Picard left audiences wanting to see more of the character, and IDW is filling that

Metro Detroit man uncovers collection of comic books and toys numbering over one million items

A Metro Detroit man named Darren Watts has uncovered a collection of comic books and toys with over one million

Marvel Comics announces new Star Wars comics crossover

Marvel Comics has announced that a brand new Star Wars comic crossover event will be starting in summer 2023.  The

Star Trek announces new comics line with familiar foes

A new Star Trek comics series will be released in May at IDW titled Star Trek: The Motion Picture –

IDW release first preview of Star Trek: Defiant comic

By Kieran Burt. The first look at the new Star Trek: Defiant comic has been released by IDW Publishing, an


By Domonic Riley. Even before their current domination of the box office, superhero movies usually followedpopular characters from the Marvel

Interview with comic artist Rodney Ramos

Recorded on location at Retro Xexpo in Plano TX. In this interview I talk with comic book artist Rodney Ramos.We

Star Trek: Picard – Stargazer Recap

By Kieran Burt. Star Trek: Picard – Stargazer’s second issue has come out, and it’s a more action heavy issue,

Star Trek: Defiant Comic Announced

By Kieran Burt. Lt. Worf will be leading his very own comic line next year, titled Star Trek Defiant, IDW

Star Wars New York Comic Con Reveals

Article by Kieran Burt. Star Wars The High Republic phase two has begun, and at New York Comic Con fans

Star Trek: Picard – Stargazer Comic Recap

Article by Kieran Burt. While audiences won’t get to see season three of Picard until February 16, 2023, it’s still

SDCC 2022: Interview with GenSeven Comics Publisher Allen Ling

Recorded on location at San Diego Comic Con 2022. In this interview recorded at San Diego comic con 2022. I

Interview with man of comics writer/letterer/publisher Scott O. Brown

Recorded on location at Mobicon 2022 on Gulf Coast. In this interview I talk with Scott O. Brown.Scott is a

IDW Publishing celebrates 15 years of Star Trek comics with their 400th issue.

Star Trek #400 to Feature Original Story by Wil Wheaton and More This September, IDW will release the oversized Star Trek #400

Captain America’s First Comic Book Sells At Auction For $3.1M

The 1940 comic features the first appearance of Captain America and his sidekick, Bucky. A near mint comic featuring the

Copy Of ‘Marvel Comics’ #1 Sells For $2.4 Million

Marvel Comics #1 is one of the trinity of golden age comics – and this copy is even more special. Marvel

Interview with Arthur Suydam The Zombie King

In this interview I talk with the “Zombie King” himself Arthur Suydam. We discuss his career in comics having done


The Flash movie is finally hitting theaters later this year. And Ezra Miller’s long-awaited solo movie is bringing its own multiverse