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Warhammer 40000: Space Marine Holds Up Thirteen Years Later

Warhammer 40000 : Space Marine is filled with fast paced combat with a rare moment to breathe. There is an, almost hilariously brief, opening cutscene before players are thrown into the fray. It’s perfect for fans going in with even a little prior knowledge. This is not the best entry point for anyone who wants the Warhammer jargon explained. If you want to smash your way through hordes of orcs and demons, then hours of entertainment await. 


Players take on the role of Captain Titus. Along with his squad, he must retake an unnamed Forge World from the invading orcs. This planet is important because it creates the weaponry of The Imperium. Does Space Marine stress this importance? Not exactly. We find out that a secret weapon is being built there, but then players are neck deep in enemies again. 

The narrative is treated like a nice little snack. Space Marine’s combat is the true focus. It keeps players on their toes since zoning out is not an option. Combat follows the same formula throughout and it can be repetitive. The sheer amount of bullet sponge enemies holds players’ attention though. This can be a double edged sword since the only heals come from executions. End a fight on low health and Captain Titus may be in a tight spot.

The game also takes place entirely in this one facility, so players who are looking for an open world adventure may be disappointed. There is some light exploration to find servitors, those floating skulls, to hear audio logs. These are easy to find without going out of your way. They also don’t tell any new information, so aren’t required to progress. When the demons appear there’s no mention of the warp until later, despite Titus coming into contact with it earlier on. The game treats every player as a long time fan.

That isn’t to say Space Marine isn’t enjoyable because of these things. If someone is new to the franchise, it’s obvious that anything using chaos is probably not good. It also doesn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to guess what an inquisitor does. But what’s he doing in a planet wide factory? Well, that’s one of the few answers players get when the true antagonist reveals himself. Plus, there’s a variety of guns to play around with. 

While SpaceMarine lacks depth in certain areas, it succeeds at making players feel like a super soldier. The biggest question remains unanswered, however. This acts as a great hook for the sequel. It leaves the player on the edge of their seat since one antagonist is defeated but we may be a danger ourselves. In one scene players see how dangerous it is to be either a supporter or enemy of The Imperium. Space Marine is a fun time for lovers of FPS games, fans of the Warhammer franchise, or those who have been intimidated by the long list of books and games.

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