The Acolyte Official Trailer Reaction

The official trailer for ‘The Acolyte’ haas released, giving audiences a much better look at the upcoming Disney+ show. There’s a much better look at the inciting incident, the evil within and a deeper dive into the air of mystery surrounding the many characters of the show, and what will happen to them. 

Star Wars

Rightaway, audiences get an indication of what prompts the Jedis’ investigation, with a reveal that a Jedi was murdered in the night by somoene. Their identity and motive is unknown, and so the Jedi must quickly determine what’s going on before the villain’s plan comes to completion. It’s a great setup, and something that gives a much more focused and heavy tone on the ‘Star Wars’ world, something similar to ‘Andor.’ It seems like it will strike a balance between what ‘Andor’ is going for and more traditional ‘Star Wars’ as it will feature plenty of aliens. 

There’s a couple of excellent shots, one of the Jedi Temple, which seems to stand a little taller than in the prequel era. This makes sense, as the Jedi at this time were in their Golden era, whereas the Jedi of the prequel era had fallen, become more rigid in their ways. A Jedi ship zips through hyperspace, an exicitng shot. 

Audiences are then introduced to a chaacter criticising the Jedi, saying that they enforce their rule through peace, but that peace is a lie. This is a highly suspicious thing to say when there is a Jedi killer is about, as the words peace is a lie is the opening of the Sith Code. In a show that shows the how the Sith started to take power, this is a worrying sign. It’s great that showrunner Leslye Headland has added a nod to this much loved verse.

The knife-wielding character Mae fights Indara, jumping about and performing tricks to try and kill her. The Jedi think she’s the assassin, but given the show is a mystery, Mae seems like an obvious red-herring. It’s revealed she used to be Master Sol’s apprentice, a surprising reveal and surely only the beginning of more twists to come. 

Vernestra Rwoh correctly guesses that Mae’s appearance isn’t all there is going on however, and she’s right on the money with this as Mae is likely only a small part of the Sith plot. This is only the beginning of the downfall of the Jedi, as audiences know the Sith manage to corrupt the Jedi for decades to come.

This Sith is still unknown, but it’s very likely that Mae is in league with them, as she meets them on a rocky outcrop, likely to discuss their evil plans. Audiences get a better look at this Sith later in the trailer, and it looks like his helment bear teeth, a frightening look. It’s possible this might be Darth Tenebrous, a Bith Sith and master for Darth Plagueis. Or, this Sith character might be the titular Acolyte, a rank in the Sith Order of Legends. Or it might be something completely different.

If it is a Sith, people have pointed out that by the time of ‘The Phantom Menace’, it’s thought that the Sith have been extinct for a millennia, which throws up a contradiction. It’s a relatively easy one to solve, as audiences have seen the Jedi lie and sweep issues under the rug several times, so they likely do it here to. Or, maybe none of the Jedi survive the initial encounter with this Sith, so it’s only known that a bunch were killed, but it’s not known by what. 

The is a final epic looking space battle, with the Jedi ship seemingly flying through a planet’s rings. It’s a final section that caps off the trailer, which has provided fans with a lot to speculate on before the show releases on Disney+ on June 4.  

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