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Fortnite sends players to the moon in Lunar Horizons expansion

‘Fortnite’ has launched a new expansion allowing players to fly themselves to the moon in a simulation experience that’s packed with real-life details. 


Epic Games, publisher of ‘Fortnite’, has formed a partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the architecture and design company Hassell to create a simulation where players can land on the moon’s south region where they will be tasked with gathering water and Helium-3 to construct a permanent ESA Lunar Habitat. 

The official description reads: “‘Lunar Horizons’ is an immersive, 3D reimagination of a future international lunar mission to the moon’s south pole. 

As a player, you must collect resources to build up the Hassell Lunar Habitat as you learn more about the wonders of space exploration. 

Work side by side with RASSOR, an advanced robot to collect resources throughout the lunar landscape. 

Lunar Horizons isn’t all about winning, take a moment to talk to the astronauts and interact with the Info Points around the lunar landscape to learn more about this real-life planned mission and space”

The real-life mission ‘Lunar Horizons’ refers to is NASA’s planned return to the moon in 2026, with astronauts landing on the lunar south pole. 

Team Fortnite worked closely with the ESA and Hassell to make the project, with both firms delivering Computer Aided Design digital models of the lunar habitats and unmanned lunar lander to integrate them into the Unreal Editor for Fortnite to create an experience that’s both fun and educational. 

ESA astronauts tested the mode to get a feel for the in-game cooperation. 

‘Fortnite’ was released in 2017 by Epic Games as a PvE (Player versus Environment) game, but has since expanded with PvP (Player versus Player) modes and creative modes.

It has millions of players worldwide, with many crossovers with major franchises.

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