New Anime Is a Hit For Those Who Love Sword Art Online

A new anime has been introduced this year, captivating the hearts of fans who especially love video
games and the extremely popular show Sword Art Online. It brings a new fear into the gaming world:
playing an exciting game, but when you die in the game, you die in real life. Though this seems rather
similar to Sword Art Online, this new, thrilling anime takes a sharp turn away from just that. The New
Gate has unexpected twists and plots that may just mess with the viewer’s mind. Keep in mind that this
anime does not have correlation with The Gate.


Based on the manga, The New Gate explores life in a video game world, where thousands of players are
partaking in a virtual-reality game, and it turns fatal rather quickly. The struggle between life and death is
pretty much the center theme within the show. The protagonist Shin has to fight to free everyone trapped
within, which means terrifying and brutal fights against bosses. He manages to save quite a few people,
though it isn’t long before he’s faced with the final boss.

After Shin defeats the final boss, which happens rather early on within the anime, he believes he is
finally able to escape but instead is transported five hundred years into the game world. This means he
starts a new life as a legendary player, making the fate of his life unknown as well as lives for future

The New Gate is available to watch on Crunchy Roll.

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