Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver Ending Explained

‘Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver’ has come to a close on Netflix, with a surprising conclusion that hints that Zack Snyder isn’t done with this universe. Kora and her band of merry warriors may have succeeded in their mission to defend the village but more importantly the grain from the Imperium. The adventure isn’t without cost, with some of the heroes perishing. 


‘Zack Synder clearly has plans to do more with this universe, as the final few moments end with a clear tease of where he wants to take the franchise next. With Noble dead and Veldt protected, Kora and her fellow warriors can move on to attempting to find the person who would expose Balisarius’ corrupt rule and return the galaxy to a more peaceful and harmonious place. 

Does Kora defend the village from the Imperium and defeat Admiral Noble?

In the precious few days the villagers have before the Imperium arrive, Kora and the other warriors manage to train the villagers (who seem like combat naturals anyway) in the art of war and devise a plan to hold the Imperium at bay while Kora and Gunnar destroy the dreadnought. 

It pays off, with the villagers digging a tunnel underneath the battlefield from which to spring from and launch attacks, and appearing from the many houses. Kora and Gunnar take off in a dropship to plant explosives on the dreadnought and nearly get out scot-free. 

However, Admiral Noble prevents this. He’s brought back to life after the ending of ‘Part One,’ mortally harms Gunnar, and begins dueling Kora. The bombs detonate and the dreadnought goes into freefall, but this doesn’t stop Kora and Noble’s fight in the hangar. 

Kora does eventually best Noble, and slices his head off, preventing his return. She and Gunnar escape, but Kora is unable to save her love. 

On the ground, Nemesis perishes to the Imperium’s forces, but Jimmy saves everyone else. It’s a hard moment for our characters, as they have a funeral to pay tribute to their fallen friends. 

Is Princess Issa still alive?

Princess Issa was the King’s daughter, and Kora was charged with her protection. However, Balisarius managed to twist Kora into betraying the Pricess’ trust, and so the trusted guard killed Issa while her father watched. 

Kora doesn’t tell this fact to anyone apart from Gunnar, and she blames herself deeply for what’s happened. But when she does reveal it, Titus and the others accept her for who she is and reveal that Issa is still alive somewhere in the galaxy. It’s unclear how she survived, but it’s likely got something to do with her mystical powers. 

Deva Bloodaxe pledges her help to the heroes, meaning they have the full might of the rebel army to find Issa. This support is something Kora will need. If Balisarius knows Issa is still alive and perhaps can’t even be killed, he will have put her in a secure and secret place, guarding it thoroughly. 

Jimmy also commits his support to Kora’s cause, which will hopefully mean he will have a more meaningful presence in the future. His relationship with the Princess is unclear, but he says he was built to protect the royal bloodline. 

While a third part of ‘Rebel Moon’ has yet to be announced yet, Netflix will likely greenlight it to resolve this tease. A possible end goal for our heroes would be to find Princess Issa and restore her to the throne, thus ushering in an age of peace. It would also allow Kora to find forgiveness for being a tool for Balisarius and his rise to power.

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