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Prisoner of Fate Hints Daedric Intrigue And (Maybe) Rightous Revenge In The New “Gold Road” Expansion

Prisoner of Fate is the prologue quest for Gold Road, the next Elder Scrolls Online expansion. It does not require players to complete the previous campaign, Necrom, but many NPCs will return. Including Torvesard who seeks to return his lost Deadric Prince to power. Those who played the Blackwood expansion may enjoy the cameo from Beragon; a spunky in his own way wood elf scribe who is sometimes pushed back into adventuring. Players will act as “Fate’s Chosen” while racing the daedra to collect three relics. 

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The quest will take place in Grahtwood, Stonefalls, and Reaper’s March. It doesn’t matter which location players go to first. Prince Ithelia ultimately escapes. This is not too much of a shock as her return is the basis of Gold Road. However, ZeniMax does keep some cards close to their chest this time. How exactly did she escape? Did she have help? We have to wait until June to find out.

That does make the whole questline feel redundant. None of the prologue quests are mandatory though. There are some interesting lore bits hinting at a forgotten conflict between Prince Ithalia and the Tribunal; a group of three elves referred to as “Living Gods”. We also get introduced to the Recollection who, assumedly, are the main antagonistic group this time around. Players do get a quick  return to Apocrypha before chasing Torvesard to Itahlia’s intended prison. Or, if they haven’t experienced Necrom, get a brief glimpse of Hormaeus Mora’s realm.

Through memories players will see the followers of conspiring Princes plot against the Prince of Paths. After letting their patrons possess them, Ithalia is overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this fight isn’t shown and that’s a little disappointing. It’s always possible that’s being held for Gold Road. After all the running around and constantly being a step behind, a battle between daedric Princes would’ve been entertaining.

For the pet collectors, completing Prisoner of Fate gets players a mudcrab with the appearance of cracked mirrors. Otherwise this quest line is fun to play through simply for the sake of being completionist. The importance of the relics felt glossed over. With the exception of Boethiah, who was given more of an explanation since her relic is what helps Torvesard reach Apocrypha. Overall, this prologue quest feels like more of a recap since it’s free for all players. 

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