Terminator Zero: Science Fiction Meets Anime

Watch out anime fans, a new science-fiction show is set to make a debut to Netflix on August 29th of this year.
Directed by Japanese animator Masashi Kudo and based on James Cameron’s 1984 film, Terminator Zero will
expose the gruesome thrill of humans and machines going head-to-head with an outcome of either destroying or
saving humanity. This will be the first ever anime in the Terminator franchise, giving the best of both worlds to both
fans of anime and the iconic film itself.

The anime is a brand-new format of the famous film, which entails a war that appears to be never ending, all
started by an AI that has become completely self-aware and thrives off destruction of the human race. The AI,
known as the Skynet, started war against humanity and is capable of wiping out the world of life itself. A soldier
from the future is sent back in time to 1997 when it was first introduced, so that she may protect Scientist Malcolm
Lee, the creator of another AI to compete against Skynet. His protection could mean life or death for the future of
humans, especially when he discovers that he’s being hunted by an assassin from the future. This resembles the plot
of Terminator when a cyborg travels back to the past to assassinate Sarah Connor, whose unborn son is the only
hope to save humanity from complete destruction.

The anime was announced in November of 2023 under a different title known as Terminator: The Anime Series, but
the title changed shortly after to Terminator Zero. What’s even more exciting about this upcoming eight-episode
show is that Production I.G. will have a huge part, and they are responsible for other famous anime, such as Ghost in
the Shell, Blood +, and Haikyu!!. Only time will tell what they have in store for the fans this fall.

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