Ahsoka teaser trailer reaction

On day one of Star Wars Celebrations, a trailer for the upcoming Ahsoka show released a stellar trailer that teases so much in just a short space of time.

Starting with the biggest reveal, is of course Grand Admiral Thrawn. Audiences still don’t know who’s playing him, but there is now confirmation he is returning. 

There is only a quick glimpse of his back, but that’s enough for now. The whole trailer has an ominous weight to it, as Ahsoka mentions he is the Heir to the Empire, referencing the first book in the Legends Thrawn trilogy. 

Thrawn is on his way to fight the New Republic (NR), so Ahsoka will need some help to fight him. Enter Sabine Wren, Star Wars: Rebels alumni. She has a holographic image of Ezra Bridger, the Jedi who went missing with Thrawn. If Thrawn is back, where’s Ezra?

But she isn’t the only Rebels character here. There’s Hera, piloting what looks like the Phantom II, a former Neimoidian shuttle. Lothal, a planet that was central to Rebels also appears. Not to leave Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans out, Huyang is here. What role he plays is unclear, as who is voicing him. 

Live action characters also make a return. Genevieve O’Reilly reprises her role as Mon Mothma, Chancellor of the NR. This is a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. It makes a lot of sense, Thrawn is a massive threat, so the face of the NR and Rebellion should be present. Morgan Elsbeth from The Mandalorian season two is also there.

The biggest mystery presented by the trailer is the identity of three lightsaber wielding foes. There is a young woman, an old man, and a helmeted figure. The old man has the potential to be Joruus C’baoth, a crazy clone Jedi who is a central character in the Legends Thrawn trilogy.

This trailer was a huge surprise both, arriving ahead of the Ahsoka panel and containing shock after shock. But it demonstrated just how big of a scale the show will have, as Star Wars TV gets even bigger.

Ahsoka will debut on Disney+ August 2023.

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