The Fallout TV show is likely to have a season 2 on Prime Video

‘Fallout’ is the latest video game adaptation to hit streaming services, and it’s likely to get a season two release.

Prime Video

While so far not officially announced, it’s all but certain. This is because the show has a $25 million tax credit to relocate from New York State to Los Angeles and film any following seasons there. This heavily implies that the show will continue the stories of its characters past season one.

And this makes sense. The characters have only just begun in ‘Fallout,’ and their stories are yet to fully unfold. It also allows Bethesda to fully flesh out an area and keep adding to the characters, rather than abandoning them after one entry.

This structure is completely unlike the storytelling model that Bethesda has for the ‘Fallout’ game series. For the games, the studio has adopted an anthology approach, with each entry focusing on a new character in a new location in America. Familiar factions like the Brotherhood of Steel reappear, but it’s rare to see familiar faces.

Bethesda will likely keep closely working with the show’s creators if a season two develops. They’ve already intervened to make sure that this show avoids events they would like to explore in ‘Fallout 5.’

Future events in the show might wander even further into the territory of the video games. It’s unlikely that any characters audiences already know will pop up in the games as Todd Howard (director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios) has expressed an interest in staying away from events the games have already explored.

But while season 2 of ‘Fallout’ seems assured, its release date isn’t. This current season took over two years to come to audiences after it was announced and audiences may have to wait a similar amount of time for season two. This means that it might come out in mid-late 2026, allowing for ample time for production and post-production.

There is a slim chance that season two will arrive in late 2025, but Amazon may rush it into production if the fan reaction to the series is overwhelmingly positive.

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