Doctor Who season 14 official trailer 2 reaction

The second official trailer for the next season of ‘Doctor Who’ has arrived, teasing everything audiences can expect from the next season. It hints at the camp and fun moments audiences can look forward to, and the villains that he’ll be fighting.

Doctor Who

It opens with a cheeky meta-moment from the Doctor, asking if audiences are ready, before quickly flashing through some of the moments audiences can expect from the new season. Once the trailer finishes, there’s another self-referential moment, with the Doctor teasing audiences that this is just the beginning. Audiences have more in store for them than what even the trailer shows.

The trailer hints at what the Doctor’s primary objective will be throughout this season, and that’s to rock through time, no doubt solving the problems he inevitably creates along the way. Ncuti Gatwa is having a blast with this, showcasing his charm throughout the trailer. Hopefully, infectious charisma extends throughout the show.

His new companion Ruby is present, and she gets more of an introduction. She’ll be a wild and brave soul for the Doctor, standing by his side as they fight their way through aliens and T-Rexes. There are even space babies!

There is a part where the Doctor gets deadly serious, showing Ruby everything they’re fighting for. While they can have fun doing it, ultimately their goal is to protect life from being extinguished from the universe. This is shown in a rather bleak moment. This is followed up with another serious moment, with the Doctor promising to Ruby’s mum that he’ll keep her safe.

While the Doctor is mainly about fun in this tease, his raw power is teased at the end when he proclaims he could annihilate an entire battlefield in a heartbeat should he choose. It doesn’t sound like he’s convinced of that, however, hinting at a loathe to take life. Who he’s threatening isn’t clear, but it’s someone powerful.

‘Doctor Who’ season 14 releases on Disney+ on Friday, May 10 at 7 PM ET / 4 PM PT in the US, as well as 10 AM AEDT in Australia. It will be released on BBC iPlayer at the same time in the UK. Alternatively, UK viewers can watch it on the evening of Saturday, May 11 on BBC One.

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