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The Outer Worlds – A Masterclass in Dystopia

A mysterious colonist is awoken from cryosleep to find they’ve been left for dead. It’s up to them and Phileas, the scientist who woke them up, to save Halcyon from the brink of disaster. Players will planet hop as they find themselves frequently caught between factions. Giving with one hand while another decision takes something away. Will you fight for a free colony or remain under the authority of The Board?

Halcyon is facing a dire threat. And it isn’t from marauders, corporate guards, or the roving aliens waiting to tear players apart. Some factions are fighting because they want the glory of saving the colony. Some factions simply want a bigger, and bigger, slice of the paradise Byzantine represents. Players will have to decide between dissidents and their unusual garden or a corporate fish factory. Spreading the word of freedom or using blackmail to earn Monarch’s place back on The Board.

The effects of these decisions don’t always reveal themselves right away. It adds to the illusion of playing the long game. Who players choose to side with decides who will be there to help later on. Some decisions will lead to dead ends, which won’t be shown until the game’s ending narration. There will be no shortage of tension and anxiety while playing The Outer Worlds.

There was a bit of running back and forth, the map was a little finicky when a fast travel point was next to a quest, but not much else to complain about. This was a tight experience that didn’t overstay its welcome. There were enough planets and even ships to travel to add variety, despite each map not being massive. While there’s fast travel, loot can even be found off the beaten path. So there’s some rewards hidden in the grass when players do have to foot it. 

The Outer Worlds ends on a hopeful note. The people of Halcyon have, and will, struggle for their survival. Cut off and completely alone, this leaves only two options. To repair the damage that’s been done and thrive. Or go down fighting if all else fails. Leading them through to the end will be the player who will have achieved the impossible. This game was tough in some moments, but it makes seeing the credits roll oh so satisfying.

Dia Tucker

Hello, fellow adventurers! I’m Dia Tucker, dwelling amidst the vibrant cultures and landscapes of the United States. My journey into the mesmerizing universes hidden within video games began in the whimsical days of my childhood. The epic narratives of the "Mass Effect" and "Elder Scrolls" series have always held a special place in my heart, guiding me through countless worlds and experiences. When I’m not crafting tales through words, you’ll find me delving into the boundless realms of MMOs, embarking on quests, and forging memories with companions from every corner of the globe. I invite you to join me as I share stories, insights, and adventures from both the pixelated worlds and the realms I create with words.

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  • I stopped playing awhile ago and when I started again everything had changed so I’ll be starting new.


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