Gen V episode 7 recap – A mindblowing experience


Opening up the episode is a Supe trial for a virus. An unnamed Supe joins several others in a containment home. There is also an infected Supe ejecting bile infecting the others. Shetty and Cardosa are watching, and Shetty wants to make the virus airborne, and not fluid-based. Cardosa reminds Shetty that their purpose isn’t to make a Supe killer virus, but Shetty threatens him to finish it. Cate rings to see Shetty, and while Shetty says that she has to go into the city, she tells Cate to go to her home and wait.

Cate meets the others in a cafe, where she tells them that she’s going to meet Shetty later. She can hear the others’ thoughts, saying she’s untrustworthy. Andre says that he’ll go with her, and while Cate tries to protest, Jordan slams their fist and leaves. Marie goes after him. Jordan isn’t sure of Cate’s intentions, but Marie calms him down, and the pair make out. They reveal they swiped the card to Shetty’s office and will hand anything incriminating to Victoria Neuman.

Emma hides Sam in her room, and he stumbles on her sex toys. They joke, and Emma gives him some clothes. When she leaves, she tells him that he has to stay or else he will get caught. Sam hides in a wardrobe.

Marie and Jordan are going through Shetty’s files when they find on the flight that Homelander and Maeve failed to save in ‘The Boys’ season one. They also find that Shetty’s family died on that plane. They are interrupted by a drunk Cardosa, who is complaining about how Shetty is treating him, and he lets slip that he’s developing a virus. He pisses in one of Shetty’s drinks, calls her a horrible name, and leaves.

In the city, Shetty meets with Grace Mallory. She shows her the pictures of the virus to Mallory, who is impressed that Vought doesn’t know. Shetty says it’s getting harder to contain, and that it will take ten months until it’s ready. She reveals that she wants to neutralize them once and for all. She defends it as a necessary weapon in the war against Supes, but Mallory isn’t impressed. Mallory says that a man she knows has the same rage as Shetty, but has allowed it to consume him, alluding to Billy Butcher. Mallory says that Shetty shouldn’t go down that path and the two leave. Mallory rings someone to ask if they heard the conversation.

Sam leaves the wardrobe and starts to fool around in Emma’s room. He opens the door to find Supes messing in the corridor, turning the floor into ice. Sam asks if this is allowed, and a Supe tells him he can do what he wants as he’s a Supe. So he joins them to have fun, something he’s probably never had. He also follows them to what Rufus calls a party but is actually a town hall event with Victoria Neuman.

Journalist Cameron Coleman is present with Polarity, and the two are talking about why he’s hosting this event. But Polarity suddenly has a stroke, causing the metal to fly everywhere. Andre sees this on TV and rushes to him, and gets in the ambulance with him. Emma gets back to her room but finds that Sam is gone. During the ambulance journey, Polarity has another seizure, causing the ambulance to collapse in on itself. Andre uses his powers to try and stop it, and they eventually make it to a hospital.

Victoria Neuman joins the panel and gets asked difficult questions about her role in the Federal Bureau for Superhuman Affairs. Jordan and Marie need a distraction so Marie can get to Neuman, so Jordan picks a fight with Justine, distracting the guards. Back in the town hall, Neuman is still getting hard questions but is finding it difficult to contain the crown, which gets out of control, so she’s rushed out.

Marie catches Neuman, and the pair go to a room. Cate and Shetty meet up, and their conversation quickly turns sour when Cate says that her tablets are only hindering her. Shetty says that Cate is like her daughter, and Cate sees it’s true. Cate and Indira share a hug.

Returning to Maria and Neuman, the two of them engage in general chat. Neuman says Marie’s powers are the coolest she’s seen, throwing Marie off track. Neuman then gets Marie to check that she’s a Supe, and it’s revealed that Neuman’s powers are a more developed version of Marie’s. It’s also explained that Neuman helped Marie get into Godolkin University because Neuman was a member of the Red River Institute before she was adopted. Marie tells Neuman about The Woods, and nonchalantly, Neuman says she’ll handle it. Marie doesn’t believe her, but Neuman reassures her and leaves.

Polarity is in Vought Tower in a hospital. Andre is watching his bed, apologizing to his father. At Shetty’s, Cate meets with the others. Shetty is trapped in a corner with everyone confused. Shetty reveals that the school is a front for researching Supes, finding their weakness and everything. She also says that she wants the virus to spread across the globe, to kill all Supes. Shetty reveals that it’s do with Homelander killing her family, and all the lives Supes have ruined.

Cate goes crazy, trying to prove to her friends that she’s on their side. She says that Supes must strike quickly, and gets Shetty to slit her throat with a knife. Cate prevents Marie from saving her, much to Marie’s distress. Cardosa reveals to Neuman about the virus and takes away the last of his samples. Oh, to prevent Cardosa from making more of the virus ever again, she pops his head.

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