Gen V episode 2 recap – Hear them media lies


After the explosive final minutes of the first episode, students watch on in sadness as security in hazmat suits scrape Luke’s splattered remains. Cate crumbles on the floor and cries, prompting Andre to comfort her.

In the emotionless Vought Tower, Ashley complains to the University trustees she has 45 million dollars worth of Golden Boy merch that’s now worthless. Indira explains the lie to cover up Luke’s suicide is that suffered a psychotic breakdown and was a chronic drug user. As Marie performed well in a flash poll, she’s included in the narrative of stopping Luke.

When a trustee brings up Jordan, Ashley says to overlook them. A memorial gala will be held for Brink. Ashley and Indira discuss The Woods privately, bluntly saying if it’s exposed Vought has a fatal problem.

On the first day, Marie is ambushed by random students claiming they know her. Unbeknownst to her, she is ranked eighth out of the top ten students. Andre has moved to number one, while Jordan has slipped to number five. Jordan tries to place a photograph of them and Brink, at his memorial, only to change their mind when they see the fake outpouring of grief.

Marie is introduced to the slimy social media manager at Godolkin called Jeff. He hands a phone and a V care package, She’s confused as to what’s happening, so Jeff explains it’s because everyone thinks she beat Golden Boy. Marie is then whisked away to a photo shoot with Andre.

Outside, Andre and Marie talk. Andre asks Marie if she wants to investigate Luke’s death with him, but she rejects it. She says she doesn’t know Andre or Luke and is upset he tried to kill her. She storms off, ignoring the students who want a photo.

In drama class, Adam Bourke makes a cameo, showing his fall from a movie director. He drones on about artists’ ability to perform in times of sadness and asks his students to partner up and perform a scene. Emma tries to partner with Liam but is rejected. Justine sees she’s upset with this and explains Liam will sleep with anyone. She also offers to partner with Emma, a seemingly nice gesture.

Marie is alerted that she’s now in the School of Crimefighting, and runs to class. Dean Shetty is taking the classes now and says Marie can join because of what she did against Luke. Jordan chastises her because they did all the hard work, and begs Marie to tell the truth on air.

Emma and Justine decide which scene they will perform, with Emma looking at Termite movies because those are the only ones she can do while small. Justine offers some unusually kind advice, saying she doesn’t want to typecast Emma unless she likes being small. Emma opens up to Justine, admitting she hates it, and has to vomit every time to get small.

Marie is called up to Indira’s office, who wants Marie to open up. Marie initially doesn’t want to, but Indira wears her down and gets Marie to talk about her past, and why she wants to be a Supe. Marie admits to trying to prove to her sister that she isn’t a monster and that she wants to be a family. Indira says she likes Marie, and that her door is always open.

Indira takes a trip to The Woods, a psychiatric hospital, and meets with a doctor, who is scared now Brink is dead. Indira calms him down but also Sam, who is alive. Vought is performing an unknown experiment on him. Andre and Cate investigate Luke’s old room, with ‘murderer’ smeared on the door. They find it strangely empty, with all his possessions gone. They express their confusion. Later, they find a phone in Andre’s dad’s statue. When they look at it, they see a worried Luke saying that ‘they’ have Sam in a hospital, and that Brink is in on it.

In the courtyard, Emma finds out that Justine told everyone about Emma’s sickly secret. She confronts Justine, who deflects the criticism. Emma storms off.

At Haliey’s interview, Marie is practicing her script. She recites the lie covering up Jordan’s actions and recites the truth. Polarity worries where Andre is. But Andre isn’t coming, as he’s decided to look for material on Brink’s computer. He finds a folder with Sam’s name on it, but he’s forced to hide from security. In the interview, Hailey knocks Marie off her guard by mentioning her sister. She claims to have emailed her and claims that her sister said that she wants nothing to do with Marie, which upsets her.

When it comes to Marie’s big moment to reveal the truth, she repeats Vought’s lie, much to Jordan’s disappointment. Later, Marie heads up to Indira’s office and demands to know if she knows about her sister. Indira claims she didn’t know about Hailey’s claim and hugs Marie. Andre follows the guards back to the secret lab but is nearly caught. Thankfully, Cate is there to save him but passes out from pushing herself. And, like Cate, the episode cuts to black and ends.

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