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Opening with another flashback, episode three of ‘Gen V’ first takes viewers to the Sage Grove Center, the very same as in season two of ‘The Boys’. Audiences even see Love Sausage. It takes place three years before the present day and sees Cate and Luke try and calm a distressed Sam. It shows the moment when Sam finds out that his parents injected him with Compound V, and he’s not taking it well.

When the guards shoot him with an electric dart and Sam freaks out, Cate steps in. It shows the danger of Sam, and the extent of his powers. In the present day, Cate wakes up from passing out, saying to Andre that she pushed too hard. Andre shows Cate what he took from Brink’s phone, and the pair freak out. Andre and Cate debate charging in, and once Cate stops him, the pair spend the night together.

Marie returns to her room and finds Emma on the floor, super tiny. Once Emma is returned to normal size, Marie asks her about her powers, and how she gets small. Emma tries to reassure Marie she’s in control, but Marie doesn’t buy it. The pair argue about how messed up their powers are, until they leave it.

The next day, the school is preparing for the Brink memorial. Marie goes to see Dean Shetty, who’s made her pancakes. Going to the topic of the interview, Indira reassures Marie that Hailey using Marie’s sister to get to her was just a rating tactic, and it was likely fake. Indira then invites Marie to the Brink memorial, asking for Marie to be shown to donors. Marie nervously accepts.

In media training, Marie’s interview is being picked apart by the teacher. Polarity, Andre’s dad, mocks it and tells his son off for not being there, demanding to know what happened. Andre offers a weak excuse, which doesn’t please his dad. Polarity then informs Andre that he is going to come to the memorial later, whether he likes it or not.

Emma walks to class when she’s pulled up by Justine, who genuinely tries to apologize for what’s happened. But it turns out to be fake, as Justine is filming the exchange for social media clout. Emma walks off, upset, and straight into her mother. She demands to know how Emma’s eating is and even threatens to measure her until Emma tells her to stop. Her mum then tries to comfort her about Justine’s video, and it works slightly. However, it goes off the rails at the end when she suggests remaking Emma.

Marie tries to talk to Cate about Luke’s death, but all she gets is a sarcastic response about taking the credit from Jordan. Marie apologies, but Jordan and Cate aren’t having it, so Marie leaves. Later, Cate has another flashback to when Vought lied to Luke about Sam’s suicide. She’s trying to comfort him, saying there wasn’t anything he could have done. He tries to get Cate to manipulate him to feel better, but she refuses.

In the present day, Jordan is having sex as a female, until their parents interrupt. They frantically clear their room of female objects and transforms into a male body before opening the door. Jordan’s parents want to comfort them about Brink’s death by inviting Jordan to the gala but undercut the moment by misgendering Jordan.

At the gala, Indira and Marie swan about, lying to trustees about Marie’s past to butter them up. Marie feels awful about lying to them, but Indira reassures her it’s fine. Jordan walks past, giving Marie a death stare. Indira warns Marie she now has a target on her back. Andre and his dad make their entrance and Emma’s mum introduces her daughter to a Vought streaming executive and aims to make a reality TV program off Emma’s eating disorder. Emma isn’t impressed with it and walks away to the bathroom. She runs into Marie and helps her go to the bathroom.

Jordan attempts to convince a trustee to rank them higher but has no luck. Their parents show up and sit with the trustee. Jordan’s dad reminisces about Jordan’s childhood, with Jordan clearly not enjoying the situation. They transform into their female gender, drawing her father’s ire. Their dad attempts to talk about their child’s gender, but it doesn’t go down well.

Andre sees Emma storm off from her mum and goes after her. Outside, he introduces himself and asks for her help. He shows her The Woods, which Emma freaks out about. Andre then asks Emma to go down, which Emma agrees with. They head down, and Emma sneaks into Sam’s room by hopping on his lunch. Sam spots her, and the two begin to talk.

Back upstairs, Andre confronts his father about The Woods but is surprised that he already knows and warns his son to stay away. Elsewhere, Marie runs into Jordan and Cate, where Jordan mocks her and her parents. Marie viciously retorts that her parents are dead, explaining how she killed them. Cate sympathizes with her murderous origin, explaining that when she was young she accidentally made her brother run away. Andre walks up, explaining that he sent Emma to The Woods, which annoys Cate.

A guard walks in on Emma and Sam talking. Emma hides but is forced to kill the guard by walking through his ears, exploding everything in his head. It’s a gruesome display of power. As Emma emerges, the episode ends.

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