Amazon unveils new Rings of Power trailer, song, teases finale

Article by Kieran Burt.

The Rings of Power has been a controversial series, facing a lot of criticism yet drawing in a lot of praise. At the series panel in New York Comic-Con, Amazon unveils a new trailer, teasing one of the biggest mysteries in the show. Audiences also got a tease of Fiona Apple’s song that will play in the finale. 

There is little to gleam off the trailer, which is mostly made of clips audiences have already seen in episodes, though the new elements are intriguing. The Mystics, the white clad zealots chasing The Stranger, finally catch up to him, with the lead Mystic (The Dweller) uttering a strange spell. Getting some answers on the identity of these foes (and the Stranger), would be amazing, as theories have been widely crafted on who they are. New dialogue mentions Sauron by name, hopefully who and where he is will be solved. 

After being absent for several episodes, Lord Celebrimbor showcases his new forge in Lindon, creating “a new kind of power”. While the circular nature of the forge suggests that the Rings will be made, Variety confirms that it will instead be a crown. This crown will be imbued with mithril, though how the elves acquire any is a mystery. In episode 6, King Durin III denied the elves access to their mithril ores. 

That’s not all audiences got to see. Fiona Apple’s new song for the series has been released on Amazon music, for eager audiences. It will also be released in the upcoming finale, coming out on October 14. 

Cast members from the series came together to answer questions and tease the upcoming finale. Showrunners J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay also delivered a personal message to attendees. They’re currently filming the second season in the UK.

Actress Nazanin Boniadi teased audiences about the romance between her character, Bronwyn and Ismael Cruz Córdova’s elf character, Arondir. “Thank you for shipping Aronwyn, that’s what it’s called,” she said, revealing that the pair would share their first kiss in the finale. 

Daniel Weyman, The Stranger, got asked if he is Sauron, replying “I could, but I won’t.” Audiences have speculated since the character first appeared that he is Sauron, as his magic can be evil at times. 

Collider asked Sara Zwangobani, who is the Harefoot Marigold Brandyfoot, and Leon Wadham, who is the Numenorian man Kemen, if they could weigh in on the matter. “We don’t know who Sauron is. So we also have speculation amongst ourselves,” Zwangobani said, with Wadham adding, “Yeah, they redacted a bunch of stuff that would have been giveaways so that we would be part of the mystery too.”

Collider also asked about where things will head in season 2, but bothAs for where things are going in the now in-production Season 2, both Wadham and Zwangobani remain tight-lipped. Zwangobani quipped that she couldn’t possibly say if Marigold Brandyfoot would be returning, saying “Well, I don’t know. Am I in season two? Haven’t seen episode eight.”

With the first season of The Rings of Power coming to a close, fans are bound to be excited for any more Lord of the Rings content they can get. If that’s the case, moderator Felicia Day has some great news. At the end of the panel, she announced that she will host an official podcast about The Rings of Power.  

Releasing on October 14, the same day as the finale, the eight-episode podcast will go behind the scenes of The Rings of Power, with interviews with the cast including showrunners J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay. 

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