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Star Trek: Picard New York Comic Con Trailer Reaction

Article by Kieran Burt.

Star Trek: Picard has released a new teaser trailer for its third series, explaining in more detail what the series is about and what the primary conflict will be. Multiple villains are revealed, showing that the craziness from season two isn’t over. Audiences get a better look at the U.S.S. Titan, along with the surprise that another U.S.S ship will be in the show. 

The trailer opens with Picard meeting with Riker in a bar, and quickly recaps the information from the first teaser, that he has a distress signal from Beverly Crusher and he needs to go save her. Well this trailer reveals that won’t be the primary conflict of the season, and it appears Crusher will be found quickly. This is for the better though, as this trailer teased so many moments with the old Next Generation crew, and to have Crusher missing from that until the end would be disappointing. 

The next few shots reveal a better look at the U.S.S Titan, flying over the wreckage in a nebula. The trailer at this point has creepy music over it, building up the tension as something is hunting fan-favourite characters. Out of the depths of the nebula, a distressing looking ship emerges, similar in shape to a Vulture Droid from Star Wars, and opens fire on the Titan. Later in the trailer, Riker screams to fire their weapons, pointing ship to 

Who is leading that ship is quickly revealed to be new character Vadic, played by Amanda Plummber. While the actor is new to the franchise, audiences may know that her father, Christopher Plummer, plays General Chang as the antagonist of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. It’s amazing to see the love for Star Trek being passed down the generations. Vadic is captain of the Shrike, an intimidating name for an intimidating ship. She has her sight sent on vengeance, why isn’t revealing. It also reveals that she hates the Federation, implying that she has something to do with the bombing of the Federation building. 

But Plummer isn’t the only actress to have her dad play in Star Trek. LeVar Burton will, as audiences know, reprise his role as Geordi La Forge, but what is more surprising is that he now has two daughters, pressed into service with Starfleet. And, one of the character’s daughters, Ensign Alandra La Forge, will be played by Burton’s own daughter, Mica Burton. Mica is an actress in her own right, featuring in Critical Role. Audiences sadly don’t get a good look at her, but they do see La Forge’s other daughter, Ensign Sidney La Forge, at the helm of the U.S.S. Titan. 

This teaser also confirms that another ship from Star Trek Online will be fully canonised in this show, after Season two brought several ships from the MMO into the series. The Enterprise F can be seen in its full glory, flying across space to give audiences a full look. 

Speaking of full looks, the trailer also gives the audience shots of many returning characters. Crusher, Worf, and La Forge all appear, and it’s amazing to see them return to the franchise. Worf has gone through a substantial offscreen change, admitting that he prefers pacifism to violence, leading to a hilarious reaction from RIker as he exclaims they are going to die. Returning characters aren’t just limited to good guys, with Daniel Davis reprising his role as Professor Moriarty, and Brent Spiner’s role has finally been shown to be Lore, the evil android. How both of these characters factor into the series is unknown, but fans can assume it’s going to be terrible for Picard and his crew. 

Picard season three looks like it will be packed with returning characters, both good and bad, new ship designs to obsess over and seething new villains. What was initially presented as a simple quest in the first teaser has been expanded to something that will push Picard and his crew to their limits, with hopefully all of them making it out to have a happy ending. The third and final season of Picard will debut on Paramount+ on February 16, 2023

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