IDW release first preview of Star Trek: Defiant comic

By Kieran Burt.

The first look at the new Star Trek: Defiant comic has been released by IDW Publishing, an upcoming comic focusing on a surprising new crew. The comic will also be a more provocative take on the Star Trek universe, and feature darker elements.

Four previews have been shared with, along with a few variant covers. The first preview sees Worf and Spock interacting with each other, which by the end exasperates Worf. The second preview shows Worf looking out into space, along with a ship flying away. 

Worf takes a ship in the third panel, and in the fourth he barely makes it out before the ship crashes, with the hasty use of a transporter. 

Defiant was announced at New York Comic Con, and will focus on Worf leading an unconventional crew. Chris Cantwell will write the series and Angel Uzueta will provide the artwork. 

In October, Cantwell spoke to about what audiences can expect from the comic. “Defiant immediately sets out to break the rules of the Federation and go on a fugitive run from Starfleet with a cast of Trek’s best iconoclastic heroes and ne’er-do-wells, each of them straddling worlds in their identities and calibrations in their moral compasses as they embark on a high-stakes galactic manhunt…the Prime Directive be damned.”  

The comic is a spin-off from the mainline Star Trek comic series, with Worf stealing the USS Defiant (a ship from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) after falling out with Captain Benjamin Sisko aboard the USS Theseus. Members of Worf’s crew include B’Elanna Torres, Spock, Ro Laren and Lore. Torres’ presence on Worf’s crew is of note, since her husband, Tom Paris, serves on the Theseus. 

In other comics news, IDW has recently announced there will be a Star Trek comics crossover event titled Star Trek: Day of Blood coming in May.

This year is a big year for Star Trek fans, with the third season of Star Trek: Picard arriving in February, and a new Star Trek video game titled Star Trek: Resurgence releasing in April. 
Star Trek: Defiant will be released in March.

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