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Yes, Your Grace Puts The Survival of A Kingdom Squarely In Your Lap

Yes, Your Grace is a resource management game where players must survive an incoming invasion. Set in the fantasy kingdom of Davern, players will need to make deals while juggling their family’s interpersonal problems. Players will also need to decide when to solve petty issues, like children that constantly go missing, or just throw precious gold at the problem. Each choice can go better than expected or end in disaster. There’s a lot of room here for replay ability.

Brave At Night

There’s a constant stream of petitioner’s players will attempt to placate as King Eryk. They still manage to have some unique personalities, which helps the experience feel less like a slog. Players will be faced with shady deals, which always come with far more cons than pros. Some of these deals can involve the princesses. The player can use their daughters as political pawns or nurture their connections instead. Being too generous will also have consequences.

While there’s plenty of intrigue to satiate fans of a deep narrative, there’s limited locations beyond the throne room. The key exception being the battle against Radovia. Yes, Your Grace has a world that still seems full despite this. It’s a little disappointing, but understandable, that players don’t get to experience more of it. There’s plenty of decisions to keep track of as it is. And things can still end violently for King Eryk.

Yes, Your Grace is an immersive experience that can be enjoyed on PC and mobile. It may take some time to learn which choices will end better than others, but it was easy to pick up. There will be characters who players will love and love to hate. Losing doesn’t feel unfair, so players are left with the feeling of wanting to immediately try again. Fans of choice driven games with high stakes should play this game.

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