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Spider-Man 2 gameplay trailer reaction

Spider-Man 2 has been highly anticipated amongst gamers for a long time, and in the latest PlayStation Showcase, Sony finally showed a trailer, and man was it exciting. There was a mix of story and gameplay in the over ten-minute-long trailer, which showed so much. 

The first few minutes show off the new villain for the game, Kraven the Hunter. He’s one villain that so far hasn’t been put in the spotlight against Spider-Man (the upcoming Sony movie doesn’t count), and his introduction is menacing, and shows exactly why he is a threat. 

Audiences are introduced to the character in the middle of a hunt, looking to find a replacement. When he fails to do this, one of his minions brings up a new hunting ground, New York. And the list of targets don’t just include Spider-Man, but also Miles Morales and Black Cat, Powler, Lizard, Wraith Tombstone and Taskmaster. No one is safe. 

Swinging over to New York (which has been made larger), audiences get the first look at the Symbiote Suit on Peter Parker, and it looks glorious. It already seems to have taken over him, with Peter being aggressive to Miles. It’s represented in combat too, with more violent fight animations. 

The combat incorporates the suit too, with tentacles coming out to attack foes. It’s a great inclusion, and there is bound to be more depth found with it. There has to be a nod at some point to the Toby Maguire Venom, and the dancing meme. 

A surprising inclusion to the game is the ability to instantly swap from Peter to Miles, a change that occurs without loading. Players see how Miles is different from Peter, with him having a wingsuit for faster traversal. 

Kraven’s goons are hunting the Lizard in a fish market, giving Miles a great opportunity to show off his stealth abilities. He creates webs to walk on above, and in one particularly impressive move downs several foes with electricity. 

Lizard runs across the river, and Peter remarks that Harry Osborn needs his help. Why at this point isn’t clear, but this will likely be a big part of the narrative. Miles gives chase along with Kraven’s goons and a drone, but has to stop to help people caught in an explosion, forcing a seamless switch to Peter.  

Once the chase concludes and Lizard escapes, players see more of the dynamic between Peter and Miles, and to say it’s strained is in understatement. The Symbiote is clearly corrupting Peter, another narrative thread that will be a big part of the game. It might even lead to a Peter and Miles showdown.
A release date for Spider-Man 2 has yet to be announced, but it will be coming to PlayStation 5 exclusively.

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