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Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon is An Indie Gem That Turns King Arthur’s Story On Its Head

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon is the PC version of a board game. It’s an ambitious open world RPG where players set out to kill King Arthur. This is a darker take on familiar Arthurian legends. Don’t fear if that sounds like a world that veers away from the fantastical. Each area is still vibrant while keeping an ominous atmosphere. The game’s creatures feel alive, and dangerous. 


This is a first-person game but Tainted Grail does have a decent enough character creator. Players can still feel as though their hero is out to save the world; not just a pair of hands. The monsters players will encounter have their own unique look as well. Right away skeletal, zombies, and even a hostile suit of armor are introduced within the first hour. The NPCs really stood out. Some awkward motions didn’t get in the way of enjoying their interesting character designs and personalities.

Characters are fully voiced, which can’t always be expected from an indie game. The voices give the NPCs a sense of quirkiness that adds much needed humor. They were a pleasant surprise. With all the dialogue those same almost cartoonish quips could make players want to skip over it all. Even NPCs who are or can turn hostile have the feel of a kid show supervillain. It keeps things fun between all the grimness. 

This is an early access game, so there’s plenty of rough edges. Some freezing and restarts were frustrating though expected. These issues didn’t happen often enough to sour the experience. Frequently saving after tough battles goes a long way against losing progress. Movement speed doesn’t feel very fluid for either player character or enemies. One on one this can mostly be ignored, but in a crowd players can’t smoothly dodge attacks. This can turn even early enemies into a lethal combination. 

Tainted Grail already has hours of gameplay in its current state. Players who are interested in a bit of a challenge should keep an eye on this one. Anyone who doesn’t mind risking the bugs can jump in now. Play as a caster who also uses one-handed weapons, a barbarian, or a roguish archer. Finding your ideal play style is as fun, and rewarding, as exploring detailed surroundings. Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon is just brimming with potential.

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