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Aliens: Dark Descent trailer reaction

The Xenamorph’s are out in full force in this new game trailer for Aliens: Dark Descent. Fans of the franchise have a lot of Alien content to look forward to in the coming weeks, months and even years, and this is just one of many. 

This game has very much an Xcom feel to it, and it’s the player’s job to send hapless marines in the jaws of the extraterrestrial threat. Leading poor souls that have been tasked with investigating what caused an outbreak of Xenamorph’s on the moon of Lethe. 

There is some separation from Xcom, as soldiers move fluidly rather than in turns, with a clever system delivering commands to the marine best suited to the job. This system means players won’t have to hunt for ages for the one marine that’s good at blowing stuff up, he’ll hear the command wherever he is.

Narration over the trailer says the developers want audiences to be immersed in the experience, and it certainly looks like they will, with a chilling atmosphere, with creatures lurking behind every corner. 

The time slowing mechanic is a welcome addition to the game, preventing players who aren’t used to the heat of battle from being overwhelmed. It does have the potential to be abused by more experienced players, so hopefully there is an option to turn it down or off. 

Perma death is on in this game, which adds to the tense sense of the game. It’s needed for this game to succeed, because if players could respawn the same soldiers it would suck all the tension out of the game immediately. And players could go into battles gun blazing and not strategy, which isn’t what this game is. Doom this is not. 

The animations look incredibly slick in the game, with perfect lighting and design to boot. It’s clear this game was made with passion and love for the franchise, and not by the soulless order of a studio desperate for profit.

Open world fans will be able to explore large levels to complete objectives, which also aids the strategy. There will be more than one way to fulfil the goal, bolstering replayability. 

Aliens: Dark Descent arrives June 20, 2023, and will be playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and PC. 

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