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Fly a Dune Ornithopter as a free expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Hello fans of Dune, read on as you are in for an absolute treat today. This is one of the best Easter eggs by far that has come out in a game that is related to Dune and there are quite a few out now in various games on various platforms.

I think that all of us have wanted to fly or ride in a Ornithopter since we were introduced to them in the original Dune. Now here is your chance to not only ride in one but to fly and operate it with full controls, features and functions just as in the movies. The Microsoft Flight Sim has introduced the Ornithopter as a FREE download and also inclued an optional Dune activity pack as well. Included are a fully functional Ornithopter with afterburners, folding wing capability, a top speed of around 530 knots and max altitude of 31,000ft.


The Ornithoper has a hover mode wihich helps you brake when coming in hot to a landing area, you can land, shut down the blades, open both doors and use the camera to look around. This is an absolute treat considering I personally am a aviation enthusiast and huge Dune enthusiast. I hope Microsoft will elaborate more in the future on missions and such revolving around the Ornithopter. Now as far as the missions and challenges included in the Dune activity pack you start off with 5 time trial missions that take place on Arrakis in which the goal is to land on 3 helipads in sequence as quickly as possible. Each one of the 5 challenges as you progress becomes more challenging and presents more obstacles to overcome.

At the completion of each one you have a list of the fastest times set in the world by other players for that particular challenge. The one challenge I really like that is a rescue mission in which Owens Ornithopter has gone down with engine trouble with a sandstorm approaching quickly. The goal here folks is to land as close to the wreckage as poissible, let Owen board and get out of dodge. The sand storm nipping at your heals your presented with a series of canyon passes you must pass through and come out of. My best suggestion is to use your afterburner on the way to Owen, get a good start on the sand storm so you are not as rushed going through the canyon. This is by far my favorite addition to the flight sim add ons, I even like this more than the Top GUn Maverick add ons. I truly do hope that Microsoft elaborates further on the Dune series with activities and challenges. Further more I hope to all my readers out there you take full advantage of this Dune treat and enjoy it. Until next time, Frank Reed over and out.

One thought on “Fly a Dune Ornithopter as a free expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • Our military could use the Dune Ornithopter! It has far greater capabilities than the APH-64E Apache.


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