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Warhammer 40k: Boltgun Is A Love Letter To Classic FPS Games

Warhammer:40k – Boltgun gives players a rush of nostalgia and adrenaline. There’s a brief effort to give a narrative reason for why you’re fighting chaos space marines. But who are the legions that fell to chaos? You’re guess is as good as the next person if you don’t have at least some familiarity with the Warhammer franchise. The only goal is aim and shoot until the credits roll. 


While the story does its job, there’s enough variety in the enemies to keep players engaged. The environments are also more detailed than it might appear at first. There’s even an option to pixelate the graphics even more, if a player truly wants that retro look. Boltgun also shows that a simple gameplay loop can still offer an entertaining challenge. The difficulty is increased once demons are introduced as well.

The simplicity of Boltgun is a double edged sword. FPS lovers will be right at home. Anyone who isn’t a die-hard fan may not be so in love with the overall experience. The game drops you in with little indication of what players are expected to do. When instructions are hidden, they’re almost out of sight in the upper corner. Even without a large monitor it was easy to miss the servitor’s text. 

For players who want a simple run and gun experience, Boltgun offers that in spades. None of the drawbacks truly stop player progression. The game really leans into the fantasy of an unstoppable space marine demolishing the forces of Chaos. Boltgun is great for anyone who wants to dip back into an old school experience.

Dia Tucker

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