Star Wars AI trailer reimagines the saga as a Wes Anderson film

A fan-made trailer has used AI to reimage Star Wars in the style of well-known indie film director Wes Anderson.

The clip was posted on YouTube by user Curious Refuge, and was created with the help of artificial intelligence software, reportedly Midjourney, to help come up with the images. 

The film this trailer is for is called The Galactic Menagerie, matching the style of Anderson’s movies such as The French Dispatch and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The video description reads: “Welcome to the Galactic Menagerie, a whimsical and visually stunning fan-made fake trailer that reimagines the classic Star Wars universe through the eccentric lens of Wes Anderson. 

“This enchanting mashup brings together iconic Star Wars characters with Anderson’s trademark symmetrical compositions, pastel colour palettes, and quirky humour.”

It has a number of Star Wars and Anderson staples in a minute long clip, such as Darth Vader, TIE Fighters and Anderson’s recognisable whimsy.

The cast list features a list of Anderson regulars, though they look noticeably generated, falling into the uncanny valley. 

Starring a dead eyed Timothée Chalamet as Luke Skywalker, Scarlett Johansson’s animatronic doll as Leia, and Edward Norton’s melted wax figure as Han Solo.

Other stars include Jeff Goldblum as the Emperor, though it looks like half his face has been sucked away. 

Willem Dafoe as Grand Moff Tarkin and Bill Murray as Obi-Wan Kenobi look the best out of this ensemble, but their stares still look vacant. 

The final two cast members include Owen Wilson as Darth Vader and Adrien Brody as Chewbacca.

The reactions to this trailer have been mixed, with some praising the work, but many others criticising its lack of soul and its lack of understanding on both Star Wars and Anderson.  

While fans debate the merits of this trailer, both Lucasfilm and Anderson set their sights on their next movies. 

Anderson’s next film, Asteroid City, will debut at the Cannes Film Festival at the end of May.

At Star Wars Celebrations in April, Lucasfilm announced plans to make three films.

One would continue on the sequel trilogy with Rey, another would tie together all the Disney+ shows set after Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and finally one about the birth of the Jedi.

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