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Tour the Enterprise thanks to the Roddenberry Estate and OTOY

Viewing the Starship Enterprise has always been the dream of any Strek Trek fan. Now, thanks to the Roddenberry Estate and OTOY, fans can virtually tour the bridge of the iconic ship. 

Accessing the website from the Roddenberry Archive, is a new digital work touching on all three major eras of Star Trek

Well-known contributors to Star Trek have also been involved with its creation, such as William Shatner, John de Lancie and Terry Matalas. 

The website allows fans to see the evolution of the Enterprise bridge with a full 360 degrees recreation, using a 1:1 scale.

John de Lancie, who has played Q since 1987’s Star Trek: The Next Generation and most recently appearing in Star Trek: Picard, narrates viewers’ exploration of the legendary vessel, as well as talking about its evolution and legacy .

The bridges are represented using filming sets as well as canonical virtual interiors, allowing fans to see the working turbolifts and flashing consoles. It allows for a fully immersive experience, with visitors getting lost in their exploration. 

The Gene Roddenberry Estate produced the recreations, overseen by Star Trek artists Denise and Michael Okuda, Daren Dochterman, Doug Drexler, and Dave Blass. 

There are several testimonials and commentaries given by Star Trek alumni, such as William Shatner,  James Conway, Director, Star Trek: The Next Generation; David Livingston, Producer / Director, Star Trek: The Next Generation; David Gerrold, Program Consultant, Star Trek: The Next Generation; Andrew Probert, Consulting Senior Illustrator, Star Trek: The Next Generation; Herman Zimmerman, Production Designer, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Terry Matalas, showrunner, Star Trek: Picard; and Dave Blass Production Designer, on Star Trek: Picard.

Viewers will also see a “765874” concept video, borrowing parts fromWilliam Shatner’s Ashes of Eden novel and Star Trek: Picard‘s rebuilding of the Enterprise-D.

Majel Roddenberry will have her voice brought to life, with phonetic recordings made in 2008. 

The Roddenberry Archive portal is testing this experimental technology preview on desktop web browsers for a limited time, so be sure to check it out. 

“The Roddenberry Archive portal gives the public a first glimpse into the many years of incredible work done by the archive’s world-class production team both in preserving Gene Roddenberry’s legacy in tandem with visually documenting 60 years of Star Trek history in quiescent detail,” said CEO of OTOY and Roddenberry Archive Jules Urbach in a press release. 

“Over multiple decades, we have been exploring the frontiers of new technology to how we might document my father’s vision, work and ideas in ways that can be experienced by generations yet to come,” said Rod Roddenberry, President of Roddenberry Entertainment. 

The Roddenberry Archive is not just a way to honor my father’s legacy, but my mother’s, Majel, as well. She voiced the Enterprise computer for decades. 

“In 2008, before she left us, she meticulously recorded her voice phonetically, with the intent to preserve it for some future technology to bring it back to life. We waited 15 years, and today I am so proud to have her voice, just as I remember it, welcoming visitors to the Roddenberry Archive portal.”

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