Dune: Part Two trailer reaction

Conflict has come to Arrakis, begun the spice wars have. The highly anticipated part two of  Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic had its first trailer release not long ago. And it teased a fight to the death between the Fremen and the Harkonnens, with Paul and Chani leading the battle.

The trailer opens with an intimate discussion between the pair, with Paul telling Chani about his home on Caladan, with its watery glory. Chani doesn’t believe Paul when he talks about swimming, laughing him off. This is a nice moment of levity of what will undoubtedly be a heavy film, with two people just talking. 

The next few shots ramp up the intensity, showing Jesscia attempting to dissuade Paul from revenge, while other clips show a new character theorising that Paul is still alive. No doubt she’s with the Harkonnens, conspiring to kill Paul. There’s even a glimpse of his likely killer, played by Austin Butler.

There is confirmation that Josh Brolin’s Gurney Halleck survived the events of the first film, as in the book, so he still has a role to play. Halleck is a great character, and Brolin a great actor, so a good casting decision was made here.It’ll be exciting to see what he does.  

Some rapid fire shots of war flash by, before a longer sequence starts to play. The thumper comes out, attracting a mighty Sandworm. He’s jibed at by Stilgar about not impressing anyone, but he knows Paul will do so. This will be an impressive sequence on the big screen, with Paul climbing the beast. Stilgar is shocked. 

This film is teased to be a war film, and there is a sense of rising conflict from the trailer. Baron Harkonnen can be seen in the light, presumably preparing his army and the Sardaukar warriors to fight the Fremen. The closing shots of this trailer tease the might of the Fremen, with Paul as their leader.

Dune: Part Two hits cinemas on November 3.

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