Loki season two trailer reaction

The first season of ‘Loki’ remains Marvel Studios’ best Disney+ show to date. The buddy-cop comedy between Owen Wilson’s Mobius and Tom Hiddleston was hilarious, the music was perfect, and Kang was a brilliant surprise in the final episode.

Now Marvel Studios have released the trailer for the second season of ‘Loki’, and the series looks like it will be just as good as the first, with the music still sounding creepy as it’s being played on a theremin by Natalie Holt.

The first few seconds of the trailer introduce a new time travel concept to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, called timeslipping. It’s where a person is pulled through time, to the past, the present, and the future. It’s not exactly clear what causes this to happen to someone. It looks very, very painful. It looks similar to glitching in the ‘Spider-Verse’ series of films. It would be a great nod to the Sony films, as they’ve had references to Marvel Studios movies. At the end of each timeslip, Hiddleston manages to get an iconic Loki hair flip in.

Ke Huy Quan makes his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as OB, a Time Variance Authority (TVA) Agent who specializes in fixing temporal problems and TVA equipment malfunctions in the most hilarious ways. Quan is no stranger to the multiverse, having already ventured into it during the excellent ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’. His role looks like he will be a man of very few but very funny words.

Loki sees a dark future ahead, no doubt one featuring Kang. Voiceover happens while Loki destroys a canvas of the three time gods, the false beings that covered for Kang. Well, behind that canvas is a head of the true timelord. Kang is probably busy installing statutes of himself around the place like audiences saw in season one.

Mobius and Loki journey back to the Victorian era, where they will meet Victor Timely, a Kang variant. Timely and one other Kang variant are only seen briefly in the trailer, so it’s unclear how big of a role they will play, but as the big bad of Phases Four, Five, and Six, he will likely have a substantial role.

Loki also reunites with Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie, who’s changed her hair since the end of season one. It’s a pleasure to see her character again, though it’s unclear what her conflict will be in the second season. Audiences will have to wait and find out.

Another character that’s a bit of an unknown for season two is Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s Ravonna Renslayer. She’s searching for free will after season one, but what this looks like is unclear. Perhaps she’ll bump into Kang and become his love interest like in the comics, or she might have a different role in the MCU.

While the season is bound to be as action-packed as the first, there will still be some philosophy in it. Owen and Loki sit down over some pie and talk about it, but likely other, heavier topics as well. Their dynamic conversations were part of what made the first season work so well.

The central conflict of the season seems to be that the trio of heroes needs to get the TVA out of Kang’s control before he destroys the agency for good. It’s a great setup, especially since the two Lokis spent most of the first season trying to destroy the organization themselves.

But, as the trailer shows the TVA in ruins throughout multiple shots, it looks like the agency will come to an end. And with it will likely bring the end to‘Loki’ as well. Let’s hope that it’s above the Marvel mediocrity that audiences have been getting over the past few months, not only because the studio behind ‘Loki’ needs this win, but the show deserves it.

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