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The second trailer for Marvel’s Secret Invasion series has been released, confirming a June 21, 2023 release date for the show. It’s very tense, and teases a conflict between Nick Fury and a horde of Skrulls. 

Opening with Mendelshon’s character, Talos, explaining that things have gotten a lot worse since Fury has left earth. What Talos is referring to is the Skrull refugees Fury promised to help, as a group of them have grown fed up with waiting and decided to attack Earth. 

Refugees and how much help countries should give is a highly politically charged and divisive topic, so it will be very interesting to see how it’s tackled in the show. Its politics along with its tension make it feel very much like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as the film took aim at surveillance, a hot issue of its day. 

This is shown a few moments later, with someone setting off a bomb in Moscow. This is likely Gravik, leader of the radicalised Skrulls. He wants to take what he believes he and his people are owed, and will resort to deadly force

We’re introduced to Olivia Coleman’s character, who seems like she’s an ally to Fury, but in a show with shapeshifters it’s hard to know for sure. She’s part of British intelligence, but there’s really no clue where her allegiances truly lie. She talks about the wars fought in the shadows, while the trailer cuts to an ominous shot of a lab.

It’s this lab that Emilia Clark is in. Her role is left undisclosed, a surprise no doubt, so it’s not clear if she’s friend or foe. Trust is hard to come by in a show like this. It’s teased though she’s playing a major character. 

One point that will be addressed is why the Avengers aren’t involved. In the comics storyline, the Avengers are a central part of the story, so their absence is noticeable. It’s good that Marvel has come up with a reason, instead of just stringing audiences along. But audiences will have to wait for what this reason is, as the trailer doesn’t say.

Finally, the trailer hints that the end is closer than we think. Does this mean at the end of the show Fury will retire? Samuel L. Jackson has been playing the role since the very first Iron Man movie. He’s the most wanted man on the planet, and apparently he must do this fight alone. How he looks at the end is anyone’s guess.  

All of this takes place under tense music, hinting that this series won’t be as lighthearted as other Marvel projects. It looks like it might dial back on the quips too, a staple of even the most serious MCU projects. Honestly, this is a refreshing change, and will hopefully shake up the MCU formula that’s been dragging a bit of late.

Secret Invasion will be released on Disney+ starting from June 21, and will be made up of six episodes.

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