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Paramount has released the first official trailer for ‘Transformers One’ which is an animated film telling audiences the origins of Megatron and Optimus Prime, as well as other famous Transformers. It’s the first animated ‘Transformers film for 40 years. The film set to come out on September 20 in the US, and the trailer teases all the action and banter fans can expect from the film.

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Throughout the trailer, one thing that comes across most clearly is the tone of the film. It’s certainly aiming for a younger audience than the live-action Transformers films, with Optimus (known in the film as Orion Pax) and Megatron (known in the film as D-16) joking around, Bumblebee (known in the film as B-127) coming up with terrible nicknames, and journeying to find out who they really are. This is a good chance for audiences to reset expectations about the film, as while adults can enjoy this, it’s not something aimed primarily for them.

That journey of self-discovery will take Optimus, Megatron, Bumblebee and Elita-One to the surface of what is most likely Cybertron, as they learn why the Transformers have been kept underground for their whole lives. The main relationship of the film will be between Orion and D-16, as audiences learn why their friendship feel apart and they became bitter enemies. That is the exciting prospect about this film.

Another key aspect that the film will let the audience in on is the Transformers gaining the power to transform for the first time. Transforming is of course a huge part of the franchise, so it’s a going to be fascinating to see that developed, and learning how and why they can transform into certain objects.

A bulk of the trailer showed the heroes getting to grips with their new powers, and struggling to adapt, which is something surprising to see. For the most part, audiences have only seen these characters as confident and capable. The is one chuckle-worthy moment of B-127 slicing a bad guy with his wrist knives unknowingly, oops!

Audiences do get a brief look at the bad guys in the film, alienoid-transformers with more tentacles than rotating parts. What these Transformers want or why they’re present is unclear at the moment. How they tie into the fall of Cybertron will also be fascinating to watch.

B-127 will seemingly be the comic relief for a large part of the film, which is a role voice actor Keegan-Michael Key will be well-suited for. The bit at the end of the film where he goes to far and attacks the good guys with his wrist knives is a standout moment, especially as B-127 then tries to cover his tracks by saying he didn’t do anything.

‘Transformers One’ does exactly what a trailer should, as it helps to set the tone of what audiences can expect and teases several exciting things audiences can learn about characters, they’re already familiar with. Hopefully the film will be a return to form for ‘Transformers’ animation when it comes out in cinemas.

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