I Am Groot Trailer Review

Article by Kieran Burt

I Am Groot is Marvel’s second foray into animation following What If, and the trailer very quickly sets the overall tone for the show.

The trailer sees Groot facing some tiny blue blobby creatures, who reveal that despite their tiny and cute appearance, they house weaponry typically associated with an advanced society, with miniature laser guns, jetpacks, and even a miniature anti-aircraft gun. Groot manages to quickly stop this vicious attack by farting out a leaf, which the creatures eat. 

Through this quick clip, audiences can very clearly tell that this will be five episodes of simple humour and light-hearted fun, which, given the heaviness of recent Marvel properties – the horrors of Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, or the crushing sadness of Thor: Love and Thunder – is a welcome palette cleanser. 

The trailer shows an assortment of clips of Groot having a wonderful time – having a dance, trying on leaves in different arrangements, and generally just chilling. There is no hint of any of the other Guardians in the trailer, so it seems that Groot will be by himself, though it would be very surprising if none of them popped up at all. 

While Grogu has taken the attention from Groot, it’s clear he’s back with a vengeance. He will have five episodes to try and prove he’s the cutest alien, with an additional five at a later date. These first five tease moss clothing, gelatinous discos and spaceship exploring. 

The animated style (which looks gorgeous, especially the lighting) and simple nature show means it will now doubt skew towards a younger audience, which, considering the surprising lack of Marvel options for younger kids is a great idea, and it gives something that will make them laugh for its run time. Adults will likely give this a miss, unless it inexplicably becomes required viewing to understand the next Guardians film or the next phase. 

Overall, this just looks like a bit of lighthearted fun for both Groot and the audiences, most of which will be younger in nature. 

I am Groot will be releasing on August 10th, so audiences won’t have to wait long to see Groot in action again!

Kieran Burt

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