The Flash movie is finally hitting theaters later this year. And Ezra Miller’s long-awaited solo movie is bringing its own multiverse of madness along with it. (Sorry, Doctor Strange). Not only is the Ben Affleck’s DCEU Batman starring in it, but so is Michael Keaton’s version of the Dark Knight. Supergirl will also join the fray. And who knows, maybe more?Ads by Kiosked

But before Flash traverses the various DC timelines in his film, he’s getting a prequel comic series this spring. The story leads up to the movie this fall. This April, writer Kenny Porter and artist Ricardo López Ortiz join forces for The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive, a three-issue monthly series. The first issue features a main cover by Max Fiumara, with a variant cover by the director of The Flash, Andy Muschietti. You can read the official description of the new series below.

In The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive, Barry Allen’s world-saving adventure with the Justice League has driven Central City’s favorite son to become a truly skilled and inspirational Super Hero. But a new threat by the name of Girder emerges in Central City. So Barry turns to Batman for advice on training to master his powers. Under the Dark Knight’s tutelage, The Fastest Man Alive will have to find a way to defeat this metallic menace. Or be crushed by Girder’s strength!