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Under The Waves Is A Great Exploration Game That Needs Some Work

Under The Waves is a peaceful journey following Stanley as he explores the ocean. There is a story, but its slow pace will be broken up by ocean dives. There’s no danger so this is perfect for those looking for a cozy experience. Players looking for a little more aren’t going to find it here. As Stanley’s conflict is almost entirely centered around his grief and guilt. There are events that point to ocean conservation along with a few notes, but it ends up feeling secondary.


This disjointed story is a large part of why there’s no urge to rush. Though a major reason Stanley is in this position, comes from his job. He makes too frequent quips about littering, the “Moon” leaks oily globs as you drive it around. A major point of contention between Stanley and his wife is the fact that he works for an oil conglomerate. Between the sea’s beauty will be frequent signs of human impact. Stan also has moments where he’s reliving a traumatic moment through surreal dreams that show the fractured state of his mind.

On the gameplay side, the glitches are almost immediately obvious. These can be as inconsequential as Stanley walking in place before interacting with something. Or the glitch can cause players to redo an entire quest. The peaceful moments between this are enjoyable enough despite the default inverted controls on the submarine. The characters also have decent banter that is entertaining. The game’s message of protecting the ocean seems to be contradicted again as Stanley casually chats about his work. This could also be a deliberate contradiction.

As the days pass players will notice their environment change. Violent storms will also become an issue as the game progresses, but these will mostly add pressure narratively. Oxygen sticks are fairly abundant and can be crafted, along with fuel and repair kits. There are collectibles to help decorate the life station. It helps the area look lived in. At the same time these items don’t feel relevant enough to stray off the story’s path. 

Under The Waves is a game that succeeds in its atmosphere. Even some animals have names and personalities of their own. Though there are caveats to its positives, a few needed updates could improve the overall experience. The grind of searching for plastic, metal and other crafting supplies can make the story feel unimportant. Under The Waves is for ocean lovers who can overlook the more frustrating aspects. Other players should probably wait and see if any of the current problems are addressed before giving this one a try.

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