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Marvel 1943: Rise of HYDRA trailer reaction

Marvel Entertainment has released the first trailer for the upcoming videogame Marvel 1943: Rise of HYDRA, where players will control Captain America, the Black Panther Azzuri, Gabriel Jones, a member of the Howling Commandos, and Nanali, a Wakandan spy. It’s thankfully a single-player game, however, and this short story tease was the first major look at the game since its announcement.

Marvel Entertainment

While it is mostly a cinematic trailer, and only shows the briefest seconds of gameplay, there is still a lot to learn from the trailer. The biggest shock is that Captain America and Black Panther will be at odds with each other for part of the game, though hopefully, they will be able to put their differences aside to fight the real enemy, HYDRA. That’s one area the trailer is coy about, as there’s no information about what the Nazi offshoot group is up to.

There is also a hint of a third supersoldier loose in Paris, but they’re identity is purposely kept secret. It’s unclear who this is referring to, and some of the game will likely revolve around solving the mystery. Are they are friend or foe? It’s probable the game will also have some cameos from well-known Marvel characters. Another mystery the trailer dangles is what the Eye of Force is, but sounds powerful.

The design of these characters is amazing. Throughout the trailer, their facial expressions offer a clear level of detail with Unreal Engine 5. This helps offer a more immersive quality to the game. Sticking with design, Black Panther’s small cape is a nice touch. That, coupled with the fact he’s running across the rooftops makes him feel like an assassin from Assassin’s Creed.

To generalise the gameplay, it looks like Black Panther will be focused on stealth, swooping in from the rooftops to kill Nazis. Captain America on the other hand will likely be more combat and melee-focused, taking on bases head-on. These different approaches make sense for both characters, and could serve as a source of tension during the story. One thing that it should avoid is a romance between Jones and Nanali, which would feel played out.

Image credit: Marvel/Skydance New Media

The decision to make the game single-player despite the appearance of four characters is hugely welcome. It allows the studio to fully commit to its narrative without padding it out with needless filler, and there will be no microtransactions. Too often there have been failed live-service games churned out by once great single-player studios, or taking a concept that would have succeeded as a single-player game and manipulating it into a live service because an executive demanded it.

One thing that hasn’t been confirmed yet is whether the game is open-world or not. And while running around World War Two Paris engaging with random Nazis and side content could be fun, a linear experience would fit better, and be more in line with what writer and director Amy Henning is known for.

While fans have to wait until 2025 for Marvel 1943: Rise of HYDRA to release, there’s a lot to look forward to, especially with the more concrete visions this trailer offers. The future looks bright.

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