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The Stranded Warrior: A 1978 Galactica Fan Film trailer to debut at Dragon Con

The first trailer for The Stranded Warrior: A 1978 Galactica Fan Film will make its first debut at Dragon Con.

This news was announced on the film’s Facebook page.

Along with the trailer being unveiled at a panel on Friday, the director, Christopher T. Moore, will be present with Diana Durango, Fran Severn, George Kay, George Zouvelos, and Peter S. Giakoumis.

The production comes from Tipsy Toaster Productions LLC.

A synopsis for the film on IMDb reads: “Captain Martin, a pilot with PTSD, is the sole survivor that crashes on a planet, and is presumed dead. He leaves the war behind and builds a life of peace, but the war finds him again. Fan Film Based on Glen Larson’s Battlestar Galactica.”

The panel will be held at half-past five on Friday, September 1 at Westin Chastain DE, and will run for an hour.

Dragon Con is an annual multi-media and pop culture convention held on the Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.

This year it will take place from Thursday, August 31, until Monday, September 4.

The film is a fan production set inspired by the 1978 TV series called ‘Battlestar Galactica’.

The show follows survivors escaping the destruction of the Twelve Colonies in a makeshift fleet led by the last major fighter carrier, as they desperately search for Earth.

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