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Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth trailer reaction

Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth is an upcoming video game by Annapurna Interactive, taking place between the events of the original Blade Runner film and the events of Blade Runner: 2049. Set in Los Angeles after the Blackout, the game “asks: what does a Blade Runner do when there are no Replicants left to hunt?”

It got its first reveal trailer, showing a dark, messy office. A narrator explains that lots of people lost things in the blackout, but he just lost a job. It’s likely that he lost his job as a Blade Runner and now he will have to get it back.

He’s then seen on his computer, saying that he’s searching through the land of the dead.

The Blackout is an event where replicants detonated a nuclear warhead over Los Angeles, overloading the electrical grid with an EMP that erased all electronic data.

This event happened in 2022 of the Blade Runner timeline, just 11 years prior to the game.

It sounds like a lot more was lost than just electronic data, as the city is in ruins and there are no other people seen.

Labyrinth will be the first Blade Runner game since the 2018 Google Daydream VR title Blade Runner: Revelations, and the fourth video game in the franchise.

There’s no release date on this title yet. Judging from the lack of gameplay, it’s likely this is still early in development.

The trailer also doesn’t say what type of game this will be, but guessing from the fact that the Blade Runner is combing through the city, it’s likely it will be an open world title.

While there are no Replicants left to hunt, it’s likely that the player will still encounter the iconic androids from the franchise.

Hopefully players get more news on what the game is soon, but it has an intriguing premise to it.

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