The Shift Review

            Who doesn’t love movies? As you’ve read some of my articles, I am definitely a movie fan. I know it’s been a while, but I am back. I love to hear other options about movies to get a good perspective of what I am going to imagine they may be. It’s just a mystery whether it’s a good or bad review.

            The Shift, directed by Brock Heasley, did a fantastic job in this film. Angel Studios has also revived and put meaning in today’s movies. The Shift, in short, parallels the book of Job in the bible with some sci-fi cinemaphotography and is very well written. Suppose you had to visualize the book of Job in today’s modern world. In that case, this film does the absolute best at detailing the visualization from real-life experiences. In short, if you have not read the Book of Job, I recommend it—it’s one of my favorites. It challenges one never to lose faith, even when situations get tough.

The main character in this film is Kevin Garner (Played by Kristoffer Polaha), a tearjerker. I’m a sucker for anything emotional, but since I’m also a very spiritual person and I have read the bible, this person played this part to the T, just like Job. The director explained more about the wife Molly (Played by Elizabeth Tabish), the friend Gabriel (Sean Astin), and others who played a part with more nailing-biting scenes. I want to keep the information private, but I enjoyed the sci-fi spin on this film. It reminded me of the series of Super Natural purgatory and the matrix mixed in with how the main character gets a glimpse of the other shifted world/dimension. It is an excellent film with action, romance, drama, and fantastic actors that transmit the pulse of this emotional thrill ride. It also brings a story connecting with many viewers’ life experiences. I can go on and on, but please go check it out! Remember to follow Scifiction on Facebook, X, TikTok, and YouTube!

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