Dune: Part 2 official trailer 3 reaction

The second part of’ Dune’ is now just months away, and to give audiences another taste of the coming war, Warner Bros. Discovery has released a new trailer teasing the destructive conflict.

The trailer kicks off with a massive explosion, a destructive force that continues throughout the two-and-a-half-minute spot. It hints at the visual spectacle that viewers can look forward to in the upcoming March. Each one sees a character pause to take in the big ball of fire that comes out. As ‘Dune: Part Two’ is described as a war movie, audiences can expect to see a lot of these explosions.

Another part that the trailer focuses on is the budding romance between Paul Atriedes and Chani. They will no doubt get together by the end of the film, as their love for each other looks like a key component of the film, as Paul sees to unite the Freman with the greater Houses in the rest of the galaxy. And Paul will need to do so because the Freman have vast numbers and experience fighting the Harkonnens on the sand, something Paul seems to dismiss in the trailer, showing arrogance.

There are some more hints about what the evil Emperor Shaddam IV and Princess Irulan are up to, scheming to send the psychotic killer Feyd-Rautha after Paul. There’s a hint of psychopathy in the trailer as he stabs an opponent with a knife he has licked, but it’s likely something that will be explored in greater depth in the film.

The final few shots of the trailer tease an all-out war between the Freman, what’s left of House Atriedes, the Saudakar, and House Harkonnen. The Sandworms make a terrifying appearance, and while the first film hinted at how dangerous they were, it’s impossible to imagine just how useful they will be in combat. Judging by the fear sparked in the enemy soldiers, and the fact they flee, it’s likely the Sandworms will be vital to Paul’s victory.

A final point is the sheer scale on the screen. The explosions, the amount of people in the armies, and the amount of craft in the air. The CGI wizardry on display here looks fantastic, and will no doubt look phenomenal on a big screen in the cinema.

‘Dune: Part 2’ releases on March 1, 2024.

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