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The fourth season of the Amazon Prime Video show ‘The Boys’ is getting ever closer with Butcher and the rest of the gang looking for one more chance to put Homelander and the rest of the Supes into the ground for good. The newest trailer teases all-out war in the streets, and a Butcher who’s now come to terms with his own mortality. It’s a great loko at the upcoming series, coming out on June 13.

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The trailer opens on a sombre note, with Butcher coming to realise he’s been a horrible person to all, most of all his son Ryan. But even as he reaches out, Butcher is rejected by his son, who looks to Homelander instead. It’s a poignant moment for a man who’s often comedic with the constant swearing and acts of hyper-violence. Well, he has one more act of hyper-violence left in him. 

Switching to the other main player, Homelander, he sees the faults of the world being everyone else, not himself. He thinks he alone can save the corrupt trouble America has got itself into. It’s a polarising view that reflects real life extreme thought, something that’s only going to get brought to the fore further in elections across the world. As Homelander speaks, Starlight fans and Homelander fans clash, rival groups of protestors unable to see the viewpoint of others. 

Homelander continues with his vicious monologue, likely speaking to Supes that they must turn on humanity, and become weapons of destruction themselves. There are the new Supes revealed, Firecracker and more. The Seven need a majority of them replacing after all. 

Butcher shows off his latest scheme, which is to unleash the virus created in ‘Gen V.’ The post credits of that show saw Butcher getting into the secret laboratory under Godolkin University. It horrifies Starlight, who is obviously a Supe, but always advocated for more peaceful ways to stop conflict. Working with Butcher will surely be an enormous challenge for her. 

The new Black Noir gets to show off his skills against Butcher, hopefully he fairs better than the last one. Starlight watches in horror as Firecracker declares that a biblical war is unfolding right before their eyes, and it’s hunting season for any Starlight supporters. This kind of rhetoric will invariably lead to anarchy, of which Homelander and his cronies will be the victors. How Starlight deals with this is crucical, will she maintain her moral fortitude or be swept up by the violence?

The last tease audiences get is both an action packed and a rather humourous one, as the Boys are forced to fight a V’d up chicken, and later the whole farm. That’s the type of ridiculousness ‘The Boys’ can pull off. We even get Homelander on ice!

The first three episodes of season 4 of ‘The Boys’ release on Amazon Prime Video on June 13.

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