Star Wars: The Bad Batch renewed and more – Star Wars Celebrations day 4 recap

Star Wars Celebrations has now come to an end, and with it all the galactic amount of fun that fans have had at the event. But that doesn’t mean that there was a lack of announcements. 

The first, and perhaps biggest, is that Star Wars: The Bad Batch is returning for a season three. 

This is unsurprising given how season two ended, but what might surprise fans is that it will be the final one. It will be released in 2024. 

Turning to comics, Marvel announced the dark future approaching readers.

Launching in August, there will be a new comics line called Star Wars: Dark Droids, something that will prove to be a horrifying experience. 

Charles Soule will kick off the event with Dark Droids #1, who will spearhead the initiative with artist Luke Ross.  

Dark Droids will spin off into one-shots and crossver into other Marvel comics like the main Star Wars run, Star Wars: Darth Vader, Star Wars: Doctor Aphra and Star Wars: Bounty Hunters, which are all currently set between Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

The threat in the comic is called the Scourge, something corrupts droids, cyborgs, and everything in-between. Ajax Sigma will play a role. 

A new trailer for Star Wars: Visions released, which can be seen on YouTube. It showcases the many different animation styles on offer by the nine different studios who worked on the show. 

Finally, to close out the ceremony, it was confirmed that Star Wars Celebrations will not be returning in 2024, but it will be coming to Japan in 2025. 

And that wraps it up for another year! Fans were treated to several amazing announcements across the four days, with much to look forward to.

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