Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny official trailer reaction

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny had its second full trailer released at Star Wars Celebrations, playing up the more whimsical aspect of the franchise, but still being an enjoyable watch. It confirms a major theory about Jürgen Voller, and gives Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character Helena some more screen time. 


The whimsical nature of the trailer is largely due to the backing track, a song called Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones. It’s coupled with several humorous beats in the trailer, the most notable during the midpoint where Voller, Indy and Helena say who stole what from each other. It’s undercut a bit by Helena commenting “It’s called capitalism,” which feels unnecessary.

Speaking of Voller, it’s confirmed that the Nazi does know Indy through his antics during the Second World War. This introduction takes place on a train set piece, likely in the opening act of the film. The deaged Harrison Ford looks convincing as ever, but it still hasn’t spoken yet. This will be the make or break factor, else it won’t be compelling.

Indy being chased through the parade is something previous trailers have shown, but it now looks like this will end in a high stakes run through the Subway, a dangerous prospect. The old man is still getting about for his age, with sequences featuring planes, the metro, trains, boats, horses, and cars, the film wants to tackle every mode of transportation. 

But in this action packed film, there will still be some good old fashioned exploring, a glimpse of, traps, tombs and even underwater, it’s clear that the film will move at lightning speed to fit this all in. 

Audiences get a little more on the titular dial, with Voller wanting to use it to fix past mistakes, and Helena wanting to complete her father’s quest. What it does still hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s being speculated that it’s a time travel device. This would make a huge amount of sense, and is the last mystical force Indy hasn’t come into contact with before. 

It’s unclear though how this will work, as the two best Indiana Jones films, Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade, while dealing with the unnatural, have drawn their basis from religion. The Temple of Doom did to some degree, but managed to be very racist while doing so. 

Overall this trailer has a sense of kinetic frenzy to it, delivering action set pieces and comedic moments, hinting at everything the film will have. And audiences don’t have to wait long to see it, as it hits cinemas June 30.

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