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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor final gameplay trailer reaction

In a surprise reveal, EA dropped a trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game at Celebrations, and more than any other it showcases the hardships that Cal will be going through in the sequel.

Cere narrates the whole thing, reflecting on the fact that Cal was only a child when he was sent to war, a huge mistake on the part of the Jedi. But it means that Cal’s whole life has been shaped by violence, which feels like it will come to a head in this game.

She continues, saying that she can’t tell Cal who he should become, or where he should draw the line, but in these tough times when allies are short and the odds stacked against them, Cere mentions they must stand against the darkness. From this and other trailers, it sounds like Cal will be toying with the dark side, perhaps influenced by the Nightsister magic from Merrin, but definitely his violent upbringing.

Turning to the footage, there are several interesting shots. We finally get to see Destroyer Droids and their iconic shields, inside a Trade Federation Core ship. Audiences saw a Lucrehulk at the start of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, now they can explore one. There’s a quick look at Cal taking down their shields.

Monster fights look like they will be getting an expansion, with Cal facing fearsome beasts like the Rancor. Fans will have difficulty taking that down in one piece.

There is even more confirmation that the antagonist in the game is a Jedi from the High Republic, as the golden robed maniac uses the force against Cal. This doubles up the meaning of the word Survivor, but this angry Jedi will be a lesson in Cal of what not to become when fighting the Empire.

The Imperial Palace is finally seen on-screen. It’s what happened to the Jedi Temple after Order 66, Palpatine decided that it would be where he puts his throne, a big, final middle finger to the now dead Jedi. Hopefully fans will be able to roam the corridors and really get a sense of the changes, and cause some carnage.

These does raise some lore implications, like how this doesn’t bring the entire Empire, Vader and Palpatine included, crushing down on Cal. He isn’t strong enough to be a one man army after all. Besides, he’s got his own problems. Cal faces off the Gen’Dai bounty hunter, a fight that will be extremely difficult as Gen’Dai are nearly impossible to kill.

Finally a shot with Merrin and Cal is extremely teasery, showing that the pair are combining Nightsister magic with Jedi Force powers to build something huge, but there’s no indication of what this is yet. How exciting! The game looks like it’s got a much bigger scope than the first game, with a compelling antagonist in this High Republic Jedi but also in his Gen’Dai companion, and there are glimpses of visiting memorable Star Wars locations. April 28, 2023 can’t get here soon enough. 

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