Star Wars: Tales of the Empire Episode 3 Recap

The third episode of ‘Tales of the Empire’ takes audiences out of the Imperial era and into that of the New Republic. It completes Elsbeth’s journey to the dark side, as the episode is aptly titled “The Path of Hate” as Elsbeth refuses to move on, and instead devotes herself to the utter destruction of life around her. 

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The forest around the city of Calodan has been paired back, a visible sign of Elsbeth’s destruction throughout the years. Guards watch over the city, a place that has become cruel and uncaring to its citizens living in squalor. Rooftop patrols are everywhere. Wing spots a New Republic vessel fly over and land in the clearing. He heads over.  

Nadura, a former resident of Calodan and now a New Republic diplomat, departs the ship with several soldiers. She demands that they’re granted entry to the city in the name of the New Republic, and the guards comply. Inside, Wing is surprised she’s come back, and even more surprised to learn that the Empire is no more. Nadura wants Corvus to join the New Republic.  

Things get more worrying as Wing tells her that Elsbeth hasn’t been seen in a long time, yet the citizens are kept working. Mercenaries that sound suspiciously like Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati are reported to keep coming and going. Nadura demands to speak to Elsbeth, and Wing says that he will go with her. 

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The gates to Elebeth’s home swing open, and Nadura, her soldiers, and Wing walk in. Elsbeth comes out, and Nadura reveals that she wants Elsbeth to step down and submit to New Republic arrest. Elsbeth unsurprisingly doesn’t take to this too well, chastising Nadura for leaving. Elsbeth then foreshadows the future, that she says no one can stop. Nadura says she can’t let that happen, which Elsbeth challenges her to back up. 

Wing attempts to stop the conflict but to no avail. Nadura says Elsbeth will get a fair trial, but that’s not what Elsbeth wants. She wants to burn this world, just like Dathomir burned. Her guards power up their rifles, and Elsbeth gives them the order to fire. Conflict erupts, with Nadura’s soldiers perishing. Nadura manages to make it back to her ship and send a distress signal, but it’s no use. 

Photo: Lucasfilm/Disney

Guards shoot explosives onto the ship, and when it explodes, it severely burns Nadura. Elsbeth sends out her guards to burn the forest. Elsbeth addresses her people, saying that her people are under her protection and they will work night and day in her factories. Wing sees Nadura, who dies in Wing’s arms. He picks up her comlink, which has Bo-Katan Kryze asking what’s wrong. Elsebeth destroys it before he can answer. Wing is taken away by Elsbeth’s guards, who walks away from the burning craft. 

This is a great end to Elsbeth’s story, showing that she is truly beyond redemption and has fully committed to the hate of her people, despite what she says otherwise. She cannot get over the hate she formed when she was young, and so is doomed to stay on the dark path. This episode is phenomenally animated, especially the images of the burning fire, showing that Elsbeth is trapped in a burning world of her own making. 

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