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Audiences got thier first look at the next film from Francis Ford Coppola called ‘Megalopolis’ not long ago, but now there’s a teaser trailer hinting at all of the epic power struggle and corrupt debauchery that this Roman-inspired version of New York will show audiences. It’s a vision of a world that has has slid into decay and decadence, giving off a dystopian feel. But that’s where Adam Driver’s Caeser comes into play, as he will rebuild the world with his uptoian vision.

Francis Ford Coppola

Opening the trailer on a harrowing note, is the destruction of the world as audiences know it today. Air raid sirens wail, and fire rains down from the sky onto the city and into the streets. Voiceover contemplates when an Empire dies, concluding that it collapes not in an instant but over time. Already Coppola is cluing the audience into his themes he wants to present, and the ideas he wants to explore, very much wanting to apply them to contemporary society and its percieved political decline.

The decline of this New York is so severe that iconic statues from the city, symbolising peace and freedom, are collapsing all around, showing a city that’s lost its way from the ideas that it is supposed to represent, tying in with the ideas of decline.

What follows on from this couldn’t be more different. Lavish red carpet events, indoor chariot races, exquisite food, it’s clear the rich and elite of this society are doing well for themselves. No doubt this is part of Coppola’s statement, that despite a stagnant and soaking city in need of attention, they are willing to do nothing about it if their situation is already fine. Of course, this is a view that resonates beyond just this film.

It’s here as well audiences start to see imagery not out of place with Ancient Rome, of course an explicitly intentional goal from Coppola with this film. He wants to draw parallels from their world to the modern one, as well as being inspired by a Roman conspiracy, so it makes sense to evoke the imagery of Rome too. Hopefully it can do with with precision, instead of being overbearing and heavy handed.

A quick flash of more rich debauchery of shots follows, including one of Giancarlo Esposito, the villainous mayor in the story. He’s the one that wants to keep the ciy just as it as, unwilling to let it evolve or change. This of course clashes with Driver’s Caeser, who has a vision for a brighter futurer. He asks if there’s not a better way of living, which, of course, audiences know he’s already designed. And while Caeser has been described as an architect, it’s clear this isn’t just meant in the literal sense, but in the political idea, with him coming up with ideas on how to reform society.

One element not referenced in the trailer is his ability to stop time, a fascinating sci-fi wrinkle in this political tale. But as it’s an element that was deliberately shown off in a dedicated clip, it’s likely to have a high significance to the story.

Further on in the trailer, it’s possible to see a riot unfolding, and then one of a politician firing up riot police by yelling to take back their city. While ‘Megalopolis’ might have started life decades ago, it’s political rhetoric is just as clear now as it would have been when it was first written. That hints at the nature of politics, that it’s something that goes around in cycles and its issues are is cross-societal.

Caesar’s last line about simply having dialogue about questions (likely about societal reform) being a uptopia, again signals very much that Caesar is a political architecturalist, looking to open up the city to democracy. It signals that the current rule is corrupt and likely a dictatorship, perhaps one under the guise of democracy or an open and brutal one. But it likely has Esposito’s mayor at it’s head. Overall this is an epic trailer, teasing the political and timeless nature of the film, with a few sci-fi twists.

‘Megalopolis’ will release in cinemas in 2024.

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