Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 trailer reactions

By Kieran Burt.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Three has its first trailer release, and it looks like it will be an emotional end to this iteration of the Guardians. Rocket’s origin will be fleshed out more, as well as introducing new characters and villains into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

The Bowie, the new starship for the Guardians introduced in The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special can be seen flying around. This is a brilliant design for a ship, with a tick like design, the five engines at the back. It looks more pleasing to look at and better designed than the Milano and the Benatar, Star-Lord’s previous ships. The two colours, light blue and purple work well together.  

The use of colour doesn’t stop with the ship though. When the Guardians don their space suits, they’re all brightly coloured suits, but also incidentally matching the colour of the Infinity Stones. While Marvel might have finished its Infinity Saga, it hasn’t finished referencing it. What the Guardians are jumping out for is unknown, onto some kind of weird space growth. 

Gamora is here, now the leader of the Ravagers. She is Gamora from before the events of the first Guardians of the Galaxy, so she doesn’t know she’ll end up with Star-Lord yet. She will somehow end up in prison (a call back to the first Guardians film), with Peter, Mantis, and an injured Drax. No doubt there will be another escape sequence too. 

The High Evolutionary will be played by Chukwudi Iwuji, and he looks to be the main villain. In the comics, he’s a mad scientist who creates the New Men, half human half animal hybrids. This might link to the animal people seen in the trailer’s opening moments, as they’re hybrids of some kind. 

It’s also heavily hinted that he creates rocket, with a baby racoon recoiling at the sight of a hand, transitioning into Rocket, with Mantis saying not to forget where they come from. Rocket is also wounded in the trailer, with him saying that he’s done running. There’s a shot of Rocket against a white background. This is hinting that Rocket might die in the upcoming film, which would be really sad. 

Director James Gunn has said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly this will be the end of this current Guardians team, promising an emotional end. Or Rocket might make it out alive, going to live with his people, as he finds and hugs another racoon. But hopefully either ending doesn’t leave Groot all alone!

Will Poulter makes his debut in the MCU, as the luminous Adam Warlock. The quick shot of him that they show hopefully isn’t what audiences will see in the final film in May, as it looks awful. Poulter looks like he’s been coated in yellowish gold paint, and then had it half washed off. The Sovereign, the group that creates Warlock in the MCU, needs to put him back in the oven for a bit. 

Warlock is traditionally associated with the Infinity Stones storyline in the comics, being a key player in that conflict. What role he assumes in the next phase of the MCU is unknown, but it’s likely a radical departure from the comics. He is clearly going to be bad news for the Guardians, as in the trailer he’s attacking Nebula. 

The trailer ends with an “We are Groot”, going back to the emotional beat of the first film. Groot is fighting back-to-back with Quill using his tendrils to hold extra weapons. It’s likely this will generate the same amount of sadness as the first time everyone heard the line.
Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Three comes out in cinemas on May 5, 2023.

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