Fallout Episode 7 Review

Episode seven of ‘Fallout’ sets up an exciting end to the series, building up the anticipation for
the final episode.

It opens with Lucy in Vault 4, where it appears is if she is about to be executed, but in reality is
being banished to the surface, which they consider to be an equally harsh punishment. It’s
revealed that many of the Vault Dwellers are actually descendants of people who were
experimented on decades ago when the Vault was run completely according to science. Rather
than continuing these experiments, the current residents are trying to deal with their effects, and
the test subjects Lucy saw in the last episode are actually being treated for their mutations.

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It’s interesting that Maximus stole the Vault’s fusion core but was willing to give it back at Lucy’s
insistence when she told him the entire population of the Vault would die without their power
source. It’s a sign he’s moving away from the selfish motivations that have driven him
throughout the show, as he has to give up using his armor too, something that’s always been
important to him. Hopefully his relationship with Lucy has helped him to become a better

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It’s been a while since we checked in on Thaddeus. Last we saw he had taken Wilzig’s head
and made his escape, hoping to take it to the Brotherhood of Steel. He’s still on that mission
except his foot was injured by Maximus and he turns to a wasteland “doctor” for help. The
serum he gives him works, but also has the effect of turning him into a ghoul. To escape from
the Brotherhood who would kill him if they found out, he turns the head over to Maximus and
runs for it.

Back at Vault 33, the imprisoned raiders have all died, supposedly of rat poison, with Betty
Pearson implying someone took up Norm’s suggestion they should be executed. This clearly
isn’t the case, and it’s more likely she had them poisoned herself in order to keep what
happened in Vault 32 a secret. She’s also succeeded in splitting up Norm and Chet, the only
other witnesses, sending Chet to 32 as part of the repopulation program. Desperate to find out
what’s really going on, Norm uses Betty’s computer to access Vault 31, going in alone.

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We get an interesting flashback to Walton Goggins’ character, who attends a meeting of
recommended by a blacklisted Hollywood actor friend, a meeting led by none other than
Moldova who gives him a bug so he can listen in on his wife while she’s at work to find out Vault
Tec’s real intentions.

It’s a great penultimate episode that really sets up what should be a great finale. There’s
everything still to play for and a lot of mysteries to be uncovered and secrets to be exposed,
which the finale will hopefully deliver on.

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