Analyzing the Star Wars Expanded Universe: Books and Comics Worth Reading

By Michel Smith

Star Wars is filled with diverse planets forming expansive galaxies and then more. The intricate pop culture masterpiece has political and military dynamics hidden in every dark corner, from the Tatooine to the Endor and beyond. If you think the 133 episodes of Clone Wars gave you answers, wait till you hear more about the expanded universe explored in the noteworthy books and comics

The writers and illustrators have added an adventurous and mysterious element to the books, the details of which are unrivalled. Fans who are not fond of the books are missing out on the birth and formation of unique characters and plots that come from the ink of the pages. 

Let’s look at the novels written by famous authors that are worth the attention of a Jedi bookworm. Warm your cushions while reading the comics that give you chill-worthy truths about the galaxy. 

Knights Of The Old Republic By John Jackson Miller 

Knights of the Old Republic is an iconic comic released during the peak time of the Star Wars comic era. It follows the story of a Jedi padawan, Zayne Carrick as he navigates the timeline set years before the Skywalker saga. The comic has explored epic characters Celeste Morne, and Dyre and his insight into Damagol. The comic also features some of the badass warriors and savage lines that will always be relatable to the force audience. Also, the measured strokes of the drawing and the details in the characters have set a high benchmark for storytellers. 

Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn 

If you have been a lifetime fan of Star Wars literature, you must have heard of the Thrawn series’ success. By thoroughly examining the major Thrawn trilogy, Timothy Zahn has done a significant service to lovers of the Star Wars universe. “Heir to the Empire,” “Dark Force Rising,” and “The Last Command” make up the trilogy. Since then, Zahn has published other books on Grand Admiral Thrawn, including the Ascendency Trilogy.

Still, nothing compares to the novel’s uniqueness and development of characters from the 1990s. The book series is brilliantly carried by characters Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Lia Organa, a plot that picks up five years after the events of Return of the Jedi. 

Dark Empire by Tom Veitch and Cam Kennedy

Drak Empire comic by Tom Veitch is a dream come true for fans who like to think beyond the limits the galaxy has set for us. It is an epic reveal in a way, roles of the good and bad side are reversed. The what-ifs are answered, beginning with phenomenal cover art by Dave Dorman. The weirdly shaped art is comforting and interesting, a cool style according to many fans. Also, the dark depiction of Luke, the ancient Jedi lore, and Boba Fett is like reading a bizarre Star Wars nightmare. Yet too good to be put down, as Emperor Palpatine makes an ugly return with his apprentice Sedriss giving the story an undesired yet fascinating allure. 

Darth Bane Trilogy by Drew Karpyshyn

Drew Karpyshyn’s cutting-edge writing style has led to comparisons with Timothy Zahn and Claudia Grey. In the Darth Bane trilogy, he displayed almost flawless writing and narrative development abilities. This one even has better twisting points than any of his previous creations.

The three books in Darth Bane’s trilogy are “Dynasty of Evil,” “Rule of Two,” and “Path of Destruction.” The Bane Trilogy serves as a manual for Sith Order traditions for devotees of the dark side. The narrative follows Darth Bane as he fortifies and revolutionizes the Sith ways. An in-depth discussion is also given on the background and customs of the Sith combat technique. 

Lost Stars by Claudia Grey

Claudia Grey’s inventive wording and captivating style are why her writing is so adored among Force enthusiasts. Lost Stars is without a doubt the best series that Grey has produced. The reader is kept interested through every word because of the mind-blowing highs and lows of the war. In addition, the book’s idea is intriguing and absurd enough to keep reading.

The unconventional tale of Lost Stars follows Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree, two childhood friends, as they negotiate the Great Galactic Civil War. The two force factions are separated from the primary protagonists. Fans of Grey are enthralled by the series’ emotional impact and stark facts. One could easily read Lost Stars in one sitting.  The list of comics and novels mentioned above are some of the best works. Apart from the lightsabers, blasters, collectibles, movies and series. Star Wars has a huge fanbase of readers. Don’t worry the list is never ending like your desire to explore more of the characters, eras and conflicts of the expanded universe. The best part is the union of the anthology of notable authors who have added a personal storytelling touch to keep the readers intrigued and hungry for the next releases!

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